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  1. Corporate boardrooms: where are the women?

    ... in companies in Africa.  And even those women who join management may not necessarily wield influence because they usually occupy ...

    web.ar - 28 Dec 2017

  2. Private schools gain a foothold in Africa

    ... years, an additional 25 million children are expected to join private institutions, so that one in four children, from all sorts of ...

    web.ar - 20 Dec 2017

  3. FEATURE: A woman’s strength is unlimited, says award-winning UN peacekeeper

    ... could no longer afford the fees. She was then encouraged to join the Zimbabwe Republic Police by her brother-in-law, because that would ... The UN is working to attract more policewomen to join the 1,098 female police officers from 69 countries, who are currently ...

    kylie - 18 Dec 2017

  4. Sudan - H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdelaziz Ghandour, Minister for Foreign Affairs

    ... national dialogue and encouraged remaining armed groups to join the quest for peace, he said. Recalling that the Government had ...

    web.ar - 4 Oct 2017

  5. More women in politics

    ... time is now for Africa’s visionary female politicians to join politics and change the narrative. Topics:  gender ...

    web.ar - 10 Aug 2017

  6. Philanthropists join forces to fund Africa’s cash-strapped health sector

    Billionaires Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote come together to fund health care projects By:  Pavithra Rao From Africa Renewal:  August - November 2017 Tristate Heart and Vascular Centre in...

    web.ar - 9 Aug 2017

  7. Why online courses are trending

    ... More universities in other countries are expected to join the bandwagon in the coming years. Although Africa still has grounds ...

    web.ar - 9 Aug 2017

  8. Overfishing destroying livelihoods

    ... 2016, after the US signed and inspired other countries to join, that the treaty became operational. The agreement makes fishing control ...

    web.ar - 9 Aug 2017

  9. Women embracing entrepreneurship

    ... and live-streamed webinars where women worldwide can join in, receive free training and get their business questions answered. ...

    web.ar - 16 May 2017

  10. Young people need opportunities to display their talents

    ... government or the private sector to be the reason why they join terrorist groups such as Boko Haram?  I think there is a saying ...

    web.ar - 16 May 2017