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  1. Women embracing entrepreneurship

    ... and live-streamed webinars where women worldwide can join in, receive free training and get their business questions answered. ...

    web.ar - 16 May 2017

  2. Young people need opportunities to display their talents

    ... government or the private sector to be the reason why they join terrorist groups such as Boko Haram?  I think there is a saying ...

    web.ar - 16 May 2017

  3. Youth discontented with politics yet less likely to vie or even vote

    ... to vote in national elections, engage in civic activities or join others in raising an issue, compared to their elders,” Michael Bratton, ... “You have denounced them as corrupt, and now you want to join them? What makes you think you won’t become just like them?” The young ...

    web.ar - 16 May 2017

  4. Africa's jobless youth cast a shadow over economic growth

    ... in a continent where about 10-12 million young people join the labour market each year.  “As events in North Africa [the Arab ... for example) where young people are easily recruited to join armed groups or rebel forces.  A World Bank survey in 2011 showed ...

    web.ar - 16 May 2017

  5. Overfishing destroying livelihoods

    ... 2016, after the US signed and inspired other countries to join, that the treaty became operational. The agreement makes fishing control ...

    web.ar - 12 May 2017

  6. Reminiscences of a former child soldier

    ... is where I started my education and was soon sponsored to join a primary school in Sierra Leone. The war stole my childhood and left ...

    web.ar - 27 Feb 2017

  7. Development goals in local languages

    ... clubs, Mr. Divine said, young people will learn how they can join the global discussion on issues relating to their future. And thus, ...

    web.ar - 27 Feb 2017

  8. Young Ghanaians risk all for "better" life

    ... go through Burkina Faso to Agadez, Niger. From there they join others from West Africa and other areas who are fleeing conflict and ...

    web.ar - 23 Feb 2017

  9. Secretary-General’s remarks to the African Union Summit [as delivered]

    ... Gentlemen, I am honoured to be with you. I humbly join you in profound solidarity and respect. As the late Samora Machel, the ...

    web.ar - 23 Feb 2017

  10. Why online courses are trending

    ... More universities in other countries are expected to join the bandwagon in the coming years. Although Africa still has grounds ...

    web.ar - 23 Feb 2017