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  1. UN humanitarian agencies reach thousands of South Sudanese cut off for months

    ... “It is a desperate situation,” he added during a visit to the town of Wau Shilluk, on the west bank of the Nile River, across ... Guarnieri, the WFP Regional Director for East and Central Africa. While in Wau Shilluk, WFP provided food assistance to more than ...

    eleni - 27 Aug 2015

  2. UN Emergency Relief Coordinator arrives in South Sudan

    ... to respond to escalating needs.  During the four-day visit, he is expected to meet communities affected by the conflict, senior ... Nations Mission in South Sudan Topics:  Africa South Sudan ...

    eleni - 13 Aug 2015

  3. 'Senseless cycle of violence' in South Sudan must end – UN humanitarian chief

    ... Relief Coordinator Stephen O'Brien (top, centre), on a visit to South Sudan, meets with women representatives in the Protection of ... for Humanitarian Affairs, as he wrapped up a four-day visit to South Sudan, which earlier this month, marked the fourth ... Source:  UN News Centre Topics:  Africa South Sudan ...

    eleni - 11 Aug 2015

  4. No money can pay for the joy of a blind person who can now see – Dr. Ndume

    ... and social transformation. Bo Li and Franck Kuwonu of Africa Renewal spoke to Dr. Ndume on the eve of the award ceremony. ... are old, you go blind and that’s the end of it. When you visit a homestead and ask, ‘Who is here?’ the answer is always ‘there is ...

    franck - 6 Aug 2015

  5. Powered by environmental finance, Africa’s largest gene bank helps to bolster biodiversity, food security

    ... UNDP Administrator Helen Clark and GEF CEO Naoko Ishii visit Africa’s largest gene bank. Photo credit: UNDP Regional Service Centre for ...

    eleni - 28 Jul 2015

  6. African-Americans resettle in Africa

    ... takes a toll By:  Efam Dovi From Africa Renewal:  April 2015 page 22 ... through DNA testing, for the majority who just come to visit, or to settle like Mr. Thompson, the feeling of being “home” on the ...

    web.ar - 19 Jun 2015

  7. Women seek greater role in rebuilding the Central African Republic

    By:  Zipporah Musau From Africa Renewal:  April 2015 page 9 ... Relief Coordinator Kyung-wha Kang (centre) during her visit to the Central African Republic in February 2015. Photo: OCHA/C. ... are going through,” said Ms. Kang, in an interview with Africa Renewal . “With some support and empowerment, these women could hold ...

    web.ar - 18 Jun 2015

  8. Girls in ICT: Technology lifting thousands out of poverty

    ... UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon during his recent visit to Akirachix, Ushahidi and iHub. Photo credit: Akirachix ... year – was set aside five years ago raise awareness. Africa Renewal ’s Jocelyne Sambira spoke to Judith Owigar, a founding member ...

    web.ar - 15 Jun 2015

  9. Historic ‘Ark of Return’ monument on slavery unveiled at the UN

    ... International Day of remembrance for the victims of slavery. Africa Renewal’s Jocelyne Sambira caught up with the architect, Rodney Leon ... there are people who come from all over the world to visit the UN and the ‘Ark of Return’ will be something they will be seeing. ...

    web.ar - 13 Apr 2015

  10. Women seek greater role in rebuilding Central African Republic

    ... in the conflict-stricken country’s peacebuilding process. Africa Renewal’s Zipporah Musau spoke to Kyung-wha Kang, the Assistant ... and girls in these two countries? Ms. Kang: My visit’s primary focus was the Central African Republic. I went to Cameroon to ...

    web.ar - 13 Apr 2015