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  1. No money can pay for the joy of a blind person who can now see – Dr. Ndume

    ... helped us to go to countries like The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria to complete our education. People have helped us to be where ...

    franck - 27 Jul 2015

  2. Science, technology and innovation continues to develop tools for prevention and cure of Ebola

    ... the countries that were affected; seven clinical trials in Sierra Leone, two in Mali and several applications have been submitted for approval to ...

    eleni - 22 Jul 2015

  3. Billions now required to save depleted healthcare systems

    ...  earlier times. Another Marshall Plan Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea—countries most affected by Ebola—share borders but, in ... - 7 Jul 2015

  4. Parité hommes-femmes : progrès lent et en dents de scie

    ... de la problématique hommes-femmes. Quelques pays comme la Sierra Leone, le Nigéria, le Maroc et l’Afrique du Sud l’intègrent et nous ... - 1 Jul 2015

  5. Des milliards pour sauver des systèmes de santé à bout de souffle

    ... le cas . Un autre plan Marshall Le Libéria, la Sierra Leone et la Guinée, les pays les plus touchés par le virus Ebola, partagent ... - 1 Jul 2015

  6. Borrowing responsibly: Africa’s debt challenge

    ... economic growth in 2015, the people of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone breathed a collective sigh of relief when the International Monetary Fund ... - 29 Jun 2015

  7. Ebola: A bumpy road to zero transmission

    Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone remain vigilant as infections decline in the three countries ... 5. Photo: UNMEER/Simon Ruf Paolo Conteh, Sierra Leone’s defence minister and head of the country’s National Ebola ... - 19 Jun 2015

  8. Progress towards gender parity still slow, uneven

    ... for gender-responsive budgeting. A few countries like Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Morocco and South Africa are embracing it and we would like to ... - 19 Jun 2015

  9. Women’s Situation Room: Africa’s unique approach to reducing electoral violence

    ... has since been successfully replicated in Kenya, Senegal and Sierra Leone. There are also plans to use it in this year’s elections in Burkina ... - 4 Jun 2015

  10. Zéro Ebola : Un parcours semé d’embûches

    La Guinée, le Libéria et la Sierra Leone restent vigilants malgré la baisse des infections By:  ... de réponse contre  l’Ebola, par ailleurs Ministre sierra-léonais de la défense, est un ancien athlète dont le record national ... - 1 May 2015