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  1. South Sudan: UN mission secures safe release of all personnel taken hostage in Upper Nile state

    ... questioned the UN Mission's questionable involvement in the transportation of weapons. “The barge was not transporting weapons cargo ...

    Sara - 6 Nov 2015

  2. Ebola: A bumpy road to zero transmission

    ... are engaged in cross-border activities such as trading and transportation, according to a report by the union. In addition, border ... - 19 Jun 2015

  3. West Africa: New railway network aims to boost inter-regional trade

    ... seaport’s activities, Benin stands to gain from improved transportation infrastructure. Not everybody in Niamey is convinced that ... - 4 Feb 2015

  4. In Kenya, UN chief kicks off global media campaign to end female genital mutilation

    ... combustion. More “alarmingly,” notes the World Bank, transportation is the fastest growing consumer of fossil fuels and the fastest ... of millions of Africans by introducing clean and efficient transportation.” “The ASTF Framework will provide the platform for ... - 3 Nov 2014

  5. Kicking off ‘Africa Week’ at Headquarters, UN officials call for integrated, peaceful continent

    ... challenge of inadequate infrastructure, especially energy, transportation and technology, remains critical. Access to healthcare and other ... - 23 Oct 2014

  6. World grossly ill-prepared to ‘douse wildfire’ sparked by Ebola, West African leaders tell UN

    ... highly contagious diseases,” all made possible by quicker transportation, increasing urbanization and dense networks of people moving ... - 30 Sep 2014

  7. On bumpy roads and rails

    Unprecedented investments in Africa’s ground transportation are hardly enough By:  Nirit Ben-Ari ... Improving road and rail systems in Africa will boost the transportation of goods and raw materials, facilitate transactions and ... - 27 May 2014

  8. Africa strives to rebuild its domestic industries

    ... of imported ones. But these efforts were thwarted by high transportation costs in landlocked states, small markets and limited skills and ... - 1 Apr 2014

  9. Small steps can make a big difference

    ... soils, the effects of climate change and shortages of basic transportation and communications. But these problems have been worsened by the ... - 28 Mar 2014

  10. All eyes on $1 trillion

    ... and pest control, etc.) and post-harvest (marketing, transportation, packaging, food processing, etc.). Geographical information ... - 13 Mar 2014