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  1. How South Sudan’s ‘lost boy’ brought water to his village

    ... For the team, though, it has not been an easy ride. Transportation of borehole equipment from one part of the country to the other ... - 16 May 2017

  2. Dying from lack of medicines

    ... very costly or unavailable. Added to these are the poor transportation system, a lack of storage facilities for pharmaceutical products ... - 13 Dec 2016

  3. India, Africa rekindle trade ties

    ... Its vehicles, including trucks, semi-trucks and public transportation buses, branded with its red-and-white logos, are common on ... - 25 Nov 2016

  4. Building an efficient road network

    ... at George Mason University in the US, who has conducted transportation studies for the European Union. World Bank studies show that ... remain timid." Topics:  Africa transportation infrastructure trade ...

    amelia - 18 Nov 2016

  5. Investing in clean development

    ... for most such emissions, mainly from their industries and transportation systems, negotiated individual emission reduction targets, with ... to low flows of foreign direct investment to Africa -- weak transportation, communication and energy infrastructure, as well as political ...

    amelia - 20 Oct 2016

  6. Lagos now wears a new look

    ... improvements in social services such as housing, water and transportation, had pushed Lagos to the cliff’s edge. “Manhattan” ... Mr. Fashola used the tax revenues to undertake ambitious transportation and sanitation projects, including the creation of a rail ... - 5 Aug 2016

  7. Kigali sparkles on the hills

    ... Kigali residents, including water, sanitation, energy and transportation. Kigali has environmental and sustainability goals that ... of adequate safe and clean water, sanitation, housing and transportation services for all. According to the NGO WaterAid, which is based ... - 5 Aug 2016

  8. General Assembly decision makes International Organization for Migration part of UN system

    ... This photo from November 2014 shows IOM providing transportation assistance in South Sudan, moving vulnerable refugees on a UNHCR ...

    amelia - 3 Aug 2016

  9. Africa’s cities of the future

    ... opportunities, straining available services such as water, transportation and garbage collection. “Urbanization, particularly in the ... - 7 Jun 2016

  10. Tanzania records "strong" economic growth in 2015

    ... driven by construction and financial services as well as the transportation and communication sectors. Tanzania's relationship with the ... - 9 Feb 2016