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  1. Let’s close gap between humanitarian needs and resources

    ... Now that the summit is over, what has really changed for a refugee in a Syrian camp or somewhere in Europe, or in South Sudan, Mali, Niger ... - 24 Aug 2016

  2. Women grapple with harsh weather

    ... land and of experiencing gender-based violence while in the refugee camps. In the camps, women risk assault when they venture out of the ... and firewood.  Leila Abdulahi, a 25-year-old Somali refugee who arrived in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya after the 2011 drought, ... - 22 Aug 2016

  3. Africa Watch: South Sudan

    ... of fighting, if not contained, is expected to exacerbate refugee outflows, particularly from cities such as Juba, Wau and Bentiu. In ... - 15 Aug 2016

  4. Somalia rising from the ashes

    ... hosts about 420,000 Somali refugees, mostly at the Dadaab refugee settlement, located in the northeast of Kenya and one of the world’s largest refugee camps of its kind. A further 250,000 Somalis are refugees in Ethiopia ... - 5 Aug 2016

  5. South Sudanese families rebuild their lives at Ugandan refugee settlement

    ... will be better,” says Esther Ojabajon, a South Sudanese refugee. © UNHCR/Will Swanson ADJUMANI, Uganda – On a rainy ... in a transit centre until they could move to the Pagarinya refugee settlement.Here, they felt secure. “I haven’t heard any gunshots ...

    amelia - 5 Aug 2016

  6. Some 60,000 flee recent South Sudan violence, bringing exodus to 900,000 since 2013 – UN

    ... since December 2013 to nearly 900,000, the United Nations refugee agency said today. Refugee flows from South Sudan into Uganda have doubled in the past ten days, ...

    amelia - 5 Aug 2016

  7. UNHCR viewpoint: ‘Refugee’ or ‘migrant’ – Which is right?

    Author:  UNHCR Refugee or Migrant - word choice matters. © UNHCR GENEVA, July ... Mediterranean still regularly in the headlines, the terms ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’ are frequently used interchangeably in media and ...

    amelia - 5 Aug 2016

  8. These 10 refugees will compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

    For the first time, a team of refugee athletes will compete under the Olympic flag. Author:  ... For the first time, a team of refugee athletes will compete under the Olympic flag. © UNHCR ... this August in Rio de Janeiro, forming the first-ever Refugee Olympic Athletes team. They include two Syrian swimmers, two judokas ...

    amelia - 5 Aug 2016

  9. In Brazil, UN chief encourages Olympic Refugee Team to 'show strength,' inspire the world

    ... Ban Ki-moon (centre) meets with the Olympic Refugee Team at the Olympic UN Photo/Mark Garten 4 August 2016 – ... Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he encouraged refugee athletes to show the world their strengths. “I know you have had ...

    amelia - 5 Aug 2016

  10. Refugee athletes set out for Rio Olympics, and history

    ... Author:  Jonathan Clayton Refugee runners in Kenya train to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. © ... hugs and songs of encouragement a group of smiling young refugee African athletes flew out of Nairobi today bound for the Rio Olympics ...

    amelia - 5 Aug 2016