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  1. Ending albino persecution in Africa

    ... having sex with a person living with albinism cures HIV and AIDS. Attackers sell albino body parts to witch doctors for thousands of ... Tanzanian government and civil society for providing visual aids and other assistance to albinos.  “There have been positive ... - 28 Dec 2017

  2. Zambia: Fighting gender-based violence as fresh cases continue to emerge

    ... the unemployed, the illiterate and those living with HIV and AIDS—while at the same time being underrepresented in political and ... - 18 Dec 2017

  3. Lesotho - H.E. Mr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane, Prime Minister

    ... to advance the economy.  Lesotho was still dealing with HIV/AIDS, which was more prevalent among women, he said, adding that putting more ... - 4 Oct 2017

  4. Guinea-Bissau - H.E. Mr. Umaro Sissoco Embaló, Prime Minister

    ... on those imports.  On the social front, diseases such as AIDS, malaria and other infectious diseases remained pressing issues.  He ... - 22 Sep 2017

  5. Mali - H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, President

    ... face public health threats, including pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which must be addressed, and expressed support ... - 20 Sep 2017

  6. Zambia - H.E. Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President

    ... posed by terrorism, climate change, nuclear weapons, HIV/AIDS and more.  “In this globalized and interdependent world, no country — ... - 20 Sep 2017

  7. Gambia’s democracy survives political turbulence

    ... referred to himself as a miracle worker with powers to cure AIDS, and left some 21,000 HIV-infected Gambians without lifesaving ... - 10 Aug 2017

  8. Philanthropists join forces to fund Africa’s cash-strapped health sector

    ... continent’s health care systems, the persistence of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, and the growth of lifestyle diseases such as ... over a five-year period, two-thirds to be used to fight HIV/AIDS on the continent.  While acknowledging the Gates’ generosity, ... - 9 Aug 2017

  9. AIDS-related deaths decline; 19.5 million people on life-saving treatment – UN report

    ... UN News Centre On World AIDS Day, people in Nigeria took a walk in the Asokoro neighbourhood of Abuja to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in the general public. Photo: UNAIDS 20 July 2017 ...

    eleni - 21 Jul 2017

  10. Taking health services to remote areas

    ... worker and project officer at CHAT. The clinics also do HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, and referrals for antiretroviral treatment. ... - 23 Feb 2017