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  1. Is African aid set to rise again?

    ... specifically to support for Africa and funding to combat AIDS in his announcement of the plan a few days before the conference opening. ...

    amelia - 14 Oct 2016

  2. Another Africa is possible

    ... standards access to essential medicines, especially for AIDS and malaria, at affordable prices imposition of taxes on global ...

    amelia - 14 Oct 2016

  3. A troubled decade for Africa's children

    ... for the private sector to develop the vaccine." AIDS and war African children were beset by two other, largely unanticipated calamities during the 1990s: AIDS and war. Of the 580,000 people under age 15 who died of AIDS in 2001, a ...

    amelia - 14 Oct 2016

  4. What Doha means for Africa

    ... negotiations could extend longer. Towards cheaper AIDS drugs? A declaration in Doha on Trade Related Aspects of ... making drugs to fight public health emergencies such as AIDS more available to poor people. A number of international groups lobbying ...

    amelia - 30 Sep 2016

  5. Lesotho - H.E. Mr. Pakalitha Bethuel Mosisili, Prime Minister

    ... the threat posed by underdevelopment, climate change and HIV/AIDS had picked the conscience of mankind for many years.  Lesotho had adopted ... - 26 Sep 2016

  6. Madagascar - H.E. Mr. Hery Martial Rajaonarimampianina Rakotoarimanana, President

    ... (WHO) and the United Nations on combating HIV and AIDS continued.  In the education sector, tens of thousands of teachers had ... - 22 Sep 2016

  7. L'offensive du Botswana contre le sida

    ... ne proposant que des services de base. La National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA) s'est engagée officiellement dans le programme ... national du Botswana Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS a salué le rôle de premier plan du président. "Toute personne en âge ...

    juliette - 8 Sep 2016

  8. AFRICA on the AGENDA

    ... (Cameroon) -- African Regional Training Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights. Tel (237) 221-0262/753-0904, fax (237) 220-9788, ... (Uganda) -- Workshop for Women Journalists Reporting on HIV/AIDS. Contact Julie Clayton, tel (44-117) 973-0139, fax (44-117) 946-6284. ...

    amelia - 2 Sep 2016

  9. A new anti-poverty remedy for Africa?

    ... with the growing social and economic threat posed by HIV/AIDS. In at least 10 low-income countries, one-third of all adults carry the ... seriousness of the threat, or the link between poverty and AIDS." African governments acknowledge the shortcoming. A 19-20 October ...

    amelia - 2 Sep 2016

  10. Controversy rages over 'GM' food aid

    ... "The short-term effects of malnutrition coupled with HIV/AIDS outweigh the long-term effects of GM foods on health," argues Dr. Tewolde. ...

    amelia - 2 Sep 2016