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  1. Gambia’s democracy survives political turbulence

    ... referred to himself as a miracle worker with powers to cure AIDS, and left some 21,000 HIV-infected Gambians without lifesaving ... - 16 May 2017

  2. Taking health services to remote areas

    ... worker and project officer at CHAT. The clinics also do HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, and referrals for antiretroviral treatment. ... - 23 Feb 2017

  3. India’s medical tourism gets Africans’ attention

    ... communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, among others. According to medical journal BMJ , “Africa experiences ... Indian pharmaceutical company, cut the price of HIV/AIDS antiretroviral drugs to below a dollar a day. This brought the cost of ... - 23 Feb 2017

  4. Wanted: affordable medicines for all

    ... that gained global attention at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Currently the cost of a year’s supply of first-line HIV ... - 23 Feb 2017

  5. Africa's new strategies to defeat HIV/AIDS

    ... A patient discussing medication with a doctor at HIV/AIDS unit in Botswana. Photo credit: AMO/Eric Miller After more ... menacing monster, Africa is finally slowing the rate of HIV/AIDS infections to a crawl. Over the last decade, progress in tackling the ... - 23 Feb 2017

  6. Gains made in fight against malaria

    ... Malaria Initiative and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Global financing for malaria control increased ... - 23 Feb 2017

  7. We can improve health systems in Africa

    ... South Africa, Togo, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. HIV/AIDS and malaria continue to be key health issues in Africa, which has 11% of ... world's population but is home to 60% of the people with HIV/AIDS. In the coming years, what would progress look like? We have made ... - 23 Feb 2017

  8. Lifestyle diseases pose new burden for Africa

    ... diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, polio and HIV/AIDS. Time bomb Africa, home to 54 low and middle-income countries, ... Although communicable diseases such as malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS and other conditions still predominate in sub-Saharan Africa, WHO projects ... - 23 Feb 2017

  9. It’s time to rethink medical insurance

    ... the late Dr. Joep Lange, a pioneering researcher in HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa in the late 1990s, once declared. In 2000 Dr. Lange founded the PharmAccess Foundation to make HIV/AIDS treatment accessible in Africa through partnerships with multinational ... - 23 Feb 2017

  10. Libérer le pouvoir de la société civile africaine

    ... à l’agence Edo State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS au Nigéria. “La plupart des OSC vous diront qu’il est encore ... - 19 Dec 2016