UNICEF Director calls on global community to combat undernutrition

In Uganda, UNICEF Executive Director Lake sees innovation in action, calls to combat undernutrition
Kampala, Uganda

Video:UNICEF correspondent Karin Bridger reports on the Executive Director’s visit to Uganda, where he drew attention to grassroots innovations and child undernutrition.

The power of innovation to tackle major challenges took centre stage during UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake’s visit to Kampala this week.

Surrounded by smiling young people, Mr. Lake texted a message on a mobile phone and in doing so, became the 105,549th member of U-report, a grassroots programme that enables youth to speak out about important community issues.

He also visited programmes promoting computer literacy among children and utilizing mobile technology to improve birth registration coverage.

Mr. Lake’s visit culminated in a high-level call to action to end child undernutrition in Uganda and around the world.