Africa Books

From Africa Renewal: 
** Please note: books are not directly available from Africa Renewal, they must be obtained directly from the publishers **

A quand l'Afrique? by Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Editions de l'Aube, La Tour d'Aigues, France, 2003; 206 pp; 19.50euros)

African Environment and Development: Rhetoric, Programs, Realities,eds. William G. Moseley and B. Ikubolajeh Logan (Ashgate Publishers, Hampshire, UK, 2004; 244 pp; hb £55.00)

Survivants: Rwanda, dix ans après by Esther Mujawayo and Souâd Belhaddad (Editions de l'Aube, La Tour d'Aigues, France, 2004; 304 pp; 21euros)

Accounting for Horror: Post Genocide Debates in Rwanda by Nigel Eltringham (Pluto Press, UK, 2004; 232 pp; pb £15.99)

Structural Stability in an African Context by Robert Kappel, Andreas Mehler and Henning Melber (Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden, 2003; 55 pp; £7.95; 10euros; SEK100)

Rights and the Politics of Recognition in Africa, eds. Harri Englund and Francis B. Nyamnjoh (Zed Books, New York, NY, US, 2004; 304 pp; hb $75, £49.95; pb $25.00, £15.95)

L'Afrique et les défis de l'OMC, ed. Dominique Njinkeu (Karthala, Paris, France, 2004; 376 pp; 28euros)

Gouverner le Sénégal: Entre ajustement structurel et développement durable, ed. Momar-Coumba Diop (Karthala, Paris, France, 2004; 304 pp; 25euros)

Tourism in the New South Africa: Conflict, Community, and Development by Garth Allen and Frank Brennan (Palgrave, New York, NY, US, 2004; 272 pp; hb $65.00; pb $24.50)

The Democratic Republic of Congo: Economic Dimensions of War and Peace, eds. Karen Ballentine and Michael Nest (Lynne Rienner, Boulder, CO, US, 2004; 175 pp; hb $15.95; pb £11.95)

New Gender Studies from Cameroon and the Caribbean by Joyce B. Endeley, Shirley Ardener et al (Department of Women & Gender Studies, University of Buea, Cameroon, 2004; 165 pp; pb £14.95, $24.95)

Breaking Barriers, Creating New Hopes: Democracy, Civil Society and Good Governance in Africa by Abdalla Bujra, Said Adejumobi et al (Development Policy Management Forum, Addis Ababa, 2004; 367 pp; pb £25.95, $42.95)

Juge en Côte d'Ivoire: Désarmer la violence by Epiphane Zoro-Bi (Karthala, Paris, France, 2004; 224 pp; 22euros)

Democratic Transition in Anglophone West Africa by Jibrin Ibrahim (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, Dakar, Senegal, 2004; 87 pp; pb £14.95, $24.95)

International Law and Politics: An African Perspective by Akin Oyebode (Bolabay Publications, Ikeja, Nigeria, 2004; 365 pp; hb £29.95, $49.95)

Somalia Calling: The Crisis of Statehood and the Quest for Peace by Kinfe Abraham (Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2004; 537 pp; £29.95, $49.95)

Bushmen and Diamonds: (Un) Civil Society in Botswana by Kenneth Good (Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden, 2003; 40 pp; £7.95; 10euros; SEK100)

The Afterlife Is Where We Come From: The Culture of Infancy in West Africa by Alma Gottlieb (Chicago University Press, Chicago, IL, US, 2004; 404 pp; pb £18.50)

AIDS and South Africa: The Social Expression of a Pandemic by Kyle D. Kauffman and David Lindauer (Palgrave, New York, NY, US, 2004; 195 pp; pb £16.99)

Achieving Schooling for All in Africa: Costs, Commitment and Genderby Christopher Colclough (Ashgate Publishers, Hampshire, UK, 2004; 297 pp; hb £60.50)

Black Women, Identity, and Cultural Theory: (Un)Becoming the Subject by Kevin Everod Quashie (Rutgers University Press, Piscataway, NJ, US, 2004; 228 pp; pb £17.50)

Limits to Liberation in Southern Africa, ed. Henning Melber (Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden, 2003; 272 pp; £14.95; 18euros; SEK180)

Zimbabwe's Unfinished Business: Rethinking Land, State and Nation in the Context of Crisis, eds. Amanda Hammar, Brian Raftopoulos and Stig Jensen (Weaver Press, Harare, Zimbabwe, 2003; 328 pp; pb 20.95euros, $34.95)