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  1. Gambia’s democracy survives political turbulence

    ... human development, according to the UN’s Human Development Index report of 2016. The Index rates countries based on their progress in education, health and the ...

    web.ar - 10 aoû 2017

  2. Confronting climate change in South Sudan

    ... sectors. According to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index 2017, South Sudan is ranked amongst the five worst performing in the ...

    eleni - 6 juil 2017

  3. 青年对政治不满,但参选或投票的可能性不大

    ... Youth Development Index and Report ...

    web.ar - 14 juin 2017

  4. Frustrée mais peu engagée

    ... la « petite politique », selon le Global Youth Development Index and Report 2016. Par petite politique, le rapport entend les enjeux ...

    web.ar - 2 juin 2017

  5. Youth discontented with politics yet less likely to vie or even vote

    ... politics,” according to the Global Youth Development Index and Report 2016. By low politics the report meant social and ...

    web.ar - 16 mai 2017

  6. 非洲寄希望于本土创业者

    创业是降低青年失业率的一种行之有效的策略 Par:  Raphael Obonyo Afrique Renouveau:  2016年4 月 照片: Panos/Sven Torfinn 随着大多数非洲国家的收入来源摆脱传统模式,走向多元化,创业逐渐被视为经济增长的关键。到目前为止,创业精神已经为创业者们带来了丰厚的回报,而专家们却认为...

    web.ar - 17 avr 2017

  7. Drought is pushing food prices up sharply in East Africa

    ... in marked contrast to the stable trend of FAO's Food Price Index, which measures the monthly change in international prices of a basket of ...

    eleni - 23 fév 2017

  8. DRC economy: The giant awakens

    ... national incomes per capita, and UN Human Development Index 2015 ranked the DRC 176 out of 188 countries.  Responding to the ...

    web.ar - 25 nov 2016

  9. Judiciary: Fighting graft needs muscles

    ... Integrity data is also used to compile the annual Ibrahim Index of African Governance, a project of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation that ...

    web.ar - 25 nov 2016

  10. African democracy coming of age

    ... performance Transparency International’s 2015 index based on a corruption perception survey ranked Botswana as Africa’s ... Lopes says. Another watchdog instrument is the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, an annual assessment of the quality of governance ...

    web.ar - 25 nov 2016