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  1. Lentement mais sûrement

    ... traite des êtres humains. L’année dernière encore, l’Index de l’esclavage dans le monde (Global Slavery Index), qui établit la liste des pays touchés par le phénomène, désignait ...

    web.ar - 17 avr 2014

  2. Africa Briefs

    ... World Economic Forum's annual Africa Growth Competitiveness Index this year, as the country most likely to enjoy sustained economic growth. To arrive at the ratings, the index combines assessments of a country's public institutions, macroeconomic ...

    web.ar - 2 avr 2014

  3. Big dreams for Rwanda’s ICT sector

    ... in sub-Saharan African region in the Global Competitive Index, which is an assessment of economies based on productivity. Many believe ...

    web.ar - 31 mar 2014

  4. Beyond the ballot: widening African reform

    ... and educated. The perceptions were then scored on an overall index of 0 to 100. Some of the key findings are that constitutional ...

    web.ar - 31 mar 2014

  5. No longer a curse?

    ... 178 out of 187 countries on the 2013 UNDP Human Development Index, which measures a country’s living standards. A mining vision ...

    web.ar - 27 mar 2014

  6. Slow but steady walk to democracy

    ... and human trafficking. Also last year, the Global Slavery Index, an organization that tracks the phenomenon, named Mauritania as having ...

    web.ar - 27 mar 2014

  7. Africa Watch

    ... 150 out of 186 countries on the 2013 UNDP Human Development Index, which measures countries based on income, life expectancy and education. ...

    web.ar - 25 mar 2014

  8. Sierra Leone: nursing agriculture back to health

    ... day, according to the World Bank. The UNDP Human Development Index, which evaluates countries based on life expectancy, education and ...

    web.ar - 13 mar 2014

  9. Afrique : des solutions locales pour combattre la malnutrition

    ... l’ Indice de la faim dans le monde (Global Hunger Index, GHI) 2013, publié par l’Institut international de recherche sur les ...

    web.ar - 6 mar 2014

  10. The Sahel: One region, many crises

    ... of the Sahel perform poorly on UNDP’s Human Development Index, a measurement of a country’s economic and social well-being.  ...

    web.ar - 3 mar 2014