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  1. West Africa: New railway network aims to boost inter-regional trade

    ... on the latest UN Development Programme Human Development Index. The government, however, has the support of the coalition of opposition ...

    web.ar - 4 fév 2015

  2. Ebola threatens economic gains in affected countries

    ... The 2014 UN Development Programme’s Human Development Index, which ranks countries based on income, life expectancy, education and ...

    web.ar - 21 Jan 2015

  3. Slow but steady walk to democracy

    ... and human trafficking. Also last year, the Global Slavery Index, an organization that tracks the phenomenon, named Mauritania as having ...

    web.ar - 7 aoû 2014

  4. Withstanding crises and redressing inequalities key to Africa’s continued progress

    ... the second highest rate of progress in the Human Development Index (HDI), which combines achievements in income, health and education. ...

    web.ar - 6 aoû 2014

  5. Why infrastructure development in Africa matters

    ... in the world.  If we look at the GINI coefficients, an index which measures the extent to which the distribution of income or ...

    web.ar - 8 juil 2014

  6. HD Live Chat with Khalid Malik

    ... repercussions for their freedoms. The Gender Inequality Index is a measure of these inequalities to better expose differences in the ...

    web.ar - 23 juin 2014

  7. Malian women create beauty — and profit

    ... in the UN Development Programme’s 2011 Human Development Index. The bazin industry is still informal. There is no registration of ...

    web.ar - 9 juin 2014

  8. No longer a curse?

    ... 178 out of 187 countries on the 2013 UNDP Human Development Index, which measures a country’s living standards. A mining vision ...

    web.ar - 29 mai 2014

  9. Big dreams for Rwanda’s ICT sector

    ... in sub-Saharan African region in the Global Competitive Index, which is an assessment of economies based on productivity. Many believe ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2014

  10. Mauritanie : le défi démocratique

    ... traite des êtres humains. L’année dernière encore, l’Index de l’esclavage dans le monde (Global Slavery Index), qui établit la liste des pays touchés par le phénomène, désignait ...

    web.ar - 21 avr 2014