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  1. Elephants are the latest conflict resource

    ... Roemers An average of about 45 elephants per day were illegally killed in 2011 in every two of five ... Côte d’Ivoire has since dropped dramatically, with only about 800 remaining throughout the country. The drive to save elephants has ... Bai Clearing in the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, home to about a hundred elephants. Almost 20 poachers illegally entered Dzanga Bai and ...

    web.ar - 30 juil 2015

  2. To avoid wars, give diplomacy a chance - Mr. Sampaio

    ... in my country and outside. Can you share with us a bit about your work that won you this prize? I have done many things in my ...

    web.ar - 30 juil 2015

  3. Using trade to boost Africa’s industrialization

    ... Africa publication. For example, while Africa accounted for about 16% of global cotton exports in 2012, only 1% of these exports, or about $400 million, was cotton that had been processed into fabrics. During the ...

    web.ar - 30 juil 2015

  4. The changing face of Ethiopia

    ... the past decade. “The government has been pretty clear about what it wants and how it wants to grow the economy,” says Haddis ... also the head of the UNDP in Ethiopia. “We are not talking about a [small country] with two million people. We are talking about a country ...

    web.ar - 28 juil 2015

  5. Microfinance: Good for the poor?

    ... A MicroEnsure agent talks to microfinance clients about microinsurance at a group meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: Alamy/David ... small enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa. The average loan is about $150 per month.  The growth of microfinance in Africa since 2000 has ...

    web.ar - 28 juil 2015

  6. For development finance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution

    ... and the Secretary-General of the Conference, talks about his expectations.  Africa Renewal: The objectives entailed in the ... with unprecedented challenges. In the past, we used to talk about development of a group of countries or of economic growth alone. We are ...

    web.ar - 28 juil 2015

  7. Billions now required to save depleted healthcare systems

    ... had a significant shortfall of medical personnel – only about 50 doctors, which was approximately one doctor per 100,000 persons. “Before Ebola, we needed about $20 million annually for drugs but we were getting only $2 million,” ...

    web.ar - 28 juil 2015

  8. Microfinance: Une aubaine pour les pauvres ?

    ... A MicroEnsure agent talks to microfinance clients about microinsurance at a group meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: Alamy/David ...

    web.ar - 28 juil 2015

  9. Funding the planet’s future

    ... the levels of tax collection in low-income countries are at about 10–14% of GDP, according to the Committee of Experts report. This is about one-third less than in middle-income countries, and both rates are in ...

    web.ar - 28 juil 2015

  10. No money can pay for the joy of a blind person who can now see – Dr. Ndume

    ... It was unbelievable. I then called my brother and my sister about the news but requested them to keep it to themselves while I confirmed it ...

    franck - 28 juil 2015