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  1. Girls worst affected as conflict keeps more than 25 million children out of school – UNICEF

    ... more than 25 million children between 6 and 15 years old – about 22 per cent of children in that age group – from schools in warzones ... Ms. Almellehan fled the violence in her home country about four years ago with her school books as her only belongings. She ...

    eleni - 27 avr 2017

  2. Africa's jobless youth cast a shadow over economic growth

    ... consequences of high youth unemployment in a continent where about 10-12 million young people join the labour market each year.  “As ... attributed the high youth unemployment rate to the fact that about one-third of the youth were active in school, the figure nonetheless ...

    web.ar - 27 avr 2017

  3. As famine looms, malnutrition and disease rise sharply among children in Somalia

    ... During the 2011 famine, around 130,000 young children died, about half of them before famine was declared. We are working with partners ...

    eleni - 27 avr 2017

  4. Africa’s future rests on its youth

    ... end of the day, you can’t solve a problem without talking about it. But you also can’t solve it by just talking about it. My job was to make sure these issues are talked about in a meaningful ...

    web.ar - 27 avr 2017

  5. Youth dividend or ticking time bomb?

    ... and political activism, among others. “People talk about a demographic dividend for Africa. What we have now in Africa is not the ...

    web.ar - 27 avr 2017

  6. New Study Finds Worrying Climate Trend In Karamoja Over Last 35 Years

    ... across all Government sectors, educating the population about climate change, and undertaking emissions profiles. “Karamoja’s ... for Uganda. “However, little has been known previously about the impacts of climate change on food security, and in particular, the ...

    eleni - 27 avr 2017

  7. Youth discontented with politics yet less likely to vie or even vote

    ... continent over the last 10 years. In 2015 and 2016 alone, about half of the continent experienced major protests, Africanews , a ... In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), uncertainties about the end of President Joseph Kabila’s constitutional mandate provoked ...

    web.ar - 27 avr 2017

  8. Prevent malaria - save lives: WHO push for prevention on World Malaria Day, 25th April

    ... Nations In Malawi, children learn about malaria and mosquitoes in school classes. A teacher explains about mosquitoes and malaria. Photo: WHO 24 APRIL 2017 | GENEVA, ...

    eleni - 25 avr 2017

  9. Is wastewater the new black gold?

    ... wastewater a nd increase safe water reuse by 2030. It's all about carefully managing and recycling the water that runs through our homes, ... Report shows that improved wastewater management is as much about reducing pollution at the source, as removing contaminants from ...

    eleni - 24 avr 2017

  10. Teach SDGs in school

    ... following up on the implementation of SDGs. What can you say about African leaders, whom you’ve met so far,  on their commitment ... also indicated that a lot of people still don’t know much about the SDGs. I don’t think we have done a good enough job, and when ...

    web.ar - 13 avr 2017