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  1. Marking Impact Journalism Day on 24 June: Sharing ‘solutions’ for the people and the planet

    ... lots of ideas, lots of information, but not many people know about them. So, if you can, through your newspaper, through your media, ...

    web.ar - 21 juin 2017

  2. The Internet of everything water

    ... you to buy salt, or your cell phone sends a text message about the amount of water left in your water tank. These are the wonders of the ... CityTaps, which are funded partly by the GSMA, to learn more about their work with water metering and conservation in East and West Africa. ...

    web.ar - 1 juin 2017

  3. Plastics pose biggest threat to oceans

    ... are ingested by fish and seabirds. UN Environment warns that about 99% of all seabirds will have ingested plastic by 2050 if nothing is done ...

    web.ar - 25 mai 2017

  4. Pension funds, insurance companies as key drivers of regional integration

    ... billion in 2010. When it comes to investing abroad, about 50% of the firms studied allocated a portion of their portfolio to assets ... Northern Corridor. The survey also found out that about a third of Rwandan pension funds and insurance companies invested abroad, ...

    web.ar - 22 mai 2017

  5. Ocean Conference: Our best and last chance to get things right

    ... society and the private sector present. This is not just about governments; it’s about humanity responding to the woes that have been put upon the ocean and ...

    web.ar - 16 mai 2017

  6. Nollywood star: More than just talent

    ... in similar circumstances. "I wanted to raise awareness about the condition and to help prevent more women and girls from becoming ... Republic.  Nollywood contributes some $7.2 billion (about 1.4%) to Nigeria’s GDP, according to the country’s National Bureau of ...

    web.ar - 16 mai 2017

  7. It’s time for young people to get political

    ... were playing in national development. On how he goes about his duties, Mr. Kang’ombe says: “I make sure I am accessible to ... sold to rich and powerful individuals.  A key factor about youth leadership is that youth issues also become a priority. For ...

    web.ar - 16 mai 2017

  8. Linking smallholder farmers to banks

    ... She spoke to Africa Renewal’s Zipporah Musau about her project. Africa Renewal: Why were you selected to attend ... technology? I grew up in a farming community in Turbo, about three hundred km northwest of the capital, Nairobi, where most families ...

    web.ar - 16 mai 2017

  9. Who will protect our girls?

    ... to undergo the procedure. The BBC reported in July 2015 that about 50 such girls based in the United Kingdom had been whisked to Somalia to ... health, the center maintains that with enhanced awareness about reproductive health, unintended pregnancies could drop by up to 83%.   ...

    web.ar - 16 mai 2017

  10. Migration: taking rickety boats to Europe

    ... land back home. In 2010 he returned home with a savings of about $3,000 to invest. Now, at 33 years old, Mr. Asante owns an auto ... South in the Brong Ahafo Region, which raises awareness about the dangers of resorting to the risky migrant routes. Despite the ...

    web.ar - 16 mai 2017