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  1. Women seek greater role in rebuilding the Central African Republic

    ... and Christian communities. A quarter of the population, or about one million people, was displaced.  In January 2014, when the ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  2. Progress towards gender parity still slow, uneven

    ... those that have fewer women in parliament. I’m talking about women’s caucuses in parliaments that are multi-party. Women must work ... a lot to do with unwanted pregnancies. We should be talking about comprehensive sexual education which many governments have not really ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  3. Girls in ICT: Technology lifting thousands out of poverty

    ... to increase the number of girls in the technology sector, about the efforts made to get more young women in Africa to embrace such a ... to go through all the development stages that we have read about. We can use technology to create solutions for ourselves. Technology ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  4. How healthy is Africa’s sovereign bond debt?

    ... should be attentive and they should be cautious about not overloading their countries with too much debt,” she told the ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  5. Africa grapples with a jobless growth

    ... of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Africa, about the state of employment and other labour challenges facing the region. ... 1% in Africa, according to our latest Global Wage Report. About 75% of African countries with available information do not have ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  6. African-Americans resettle in Africa

    ... and people of Caribbean descent live in Ghana, a country of about 26 million people.  Whatever their motives, Ghana, the first ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  7. Is Africa the new face of rising wealth and opulence?

    ... a consultancy based in the UK and South Africa, there are about 165,000 very wealthy individuals in Africa with a combined net wealth ... a South African mining magnate with a net worth of about $2.5 billion, has committed to give at least half of the funds generated ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  8. If you want to liberate your body, liberate your mind

    ... minister, to discuss why the global body is so concerned about discrimination against people of African descent. The following are the ... compensation for Holocaust victims, which you just spoke about. What is the UN position?  There is no UN position; but there are ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  9. Refugees turn to Ethiopia for safety and asylum

    ... in my country. Before this, the war with the Arabs was about the struggle for independence. South Sudan is now independent but the ... and early 1990s. Most of the refugees were repatriated with about 20,000 remaining by 2013. “In the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a ...

    web.ar - 12 mai 2015

  10. Ebola: A bumpy road to zero transmission

    ... gasping for breath. Other runners are coming fast and are about to overtake you. But you must finish the race strong. At that stage, you ... 2015. With a projected 70% fatality, that could have meant about a million deaths. While some experts say that the doomsday scenario was a ...

    web.ar - 27 avr 2015