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  1. Trading services: an opening or a noose?

    ... the Seattle agenda," questions are increasingly being raised about the possible impact of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), ... and health. What is GATS? GATS is one of about 60 agreements and decisions signed in 1994 at the conclusion of the ...

    amelia - 20 oct 2016

  2. Investing in clean development

    ... delegates from both North and South raised concerns about the costs of adjusting their energy consumption, whether through reducing ...

    amelia - 20 oct 2016

  3. Women grapple with harsh weather

    ... Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), about two-thirds of the female workforce in developing countries is involved in ...

    web.ar - 20 oct 2016

  4. Debt bailouts or workouts?

    ... April 2002 Just as there is little agreement about the causes of Argentina's collapse, so there is no consensus about how to prevent similar crises or deal with them once they have arrived. ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  5. Global financial clouds on Africa's horizon

    ... giant Enron, the crisis in Argentina and uncertainties about the world economic slowdown.   Do abrupt and ... influx of privatization dollars and speculative capital. But about four years ago, the economy started to slow. One problem was that the US ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  6. Africa seeks to safeguard its fisheries

    ... groundnuts as the country's primary export. In 2000, about 30 per cent of export earnings were derived from fishing, a sector that employs about 600,000 of the country's 3.5 million economically active people.But this ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  7. 'Gender budgets' seek more equity

    ... Ms. Govender recalled, "I shared a secretary with about 60 other MPs and had no researcher." Forging alliances The ... not least because "throughout the country people are talking about women and the budget in a way that you never heard before we started ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  8. Is African aid set to rise again?

    ... to 0.5 per cent. There was also concern in Monterrey about increased conditionality -- using the promise of aid, or its threatened ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  9. Another Africa is possible

    ... with injustice!" Leading the vociferous procession of about 200 were several of Africa's most outspoken critics of the World Bank, ... at the Bamako forum, Mr. Tandon agreed that such debate about globalization has been restricted to academic circles. "The people on the ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  10. African Union: a dream under construction

    ... convinced. They cited both the continuing uncertainties about the Union's planned structures and the recurrent failure of several ... : ©ECA / Antonio Fiorente   Ms. Nzomo worried about the limitations of any such effort, since the AU's Constitutive Act ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016