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  1. Building peace in West Africa

    Mohamed Ibn Chambas: 'We are not shy about taking the initiative' Par:  Africa Renewal ... then others can come and support us. But we are not shy about taking the initiative.    New UN mission in Côte d'Ivoire ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  2. Africa in brief

    ... state governor Ibrahim Shekarau, who repeated his concerns about impurities in the vaccine. Nevertheless, at a press briefing at UN ... at what has worked in the past and what has not, he said. About a dozen international figures including UK Chancellor of the Exchequer ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  3. Senegal strives for Millennium goals

    ... halving the number of people living in poverty. Located about 20 minutes by boat off the coast of mainland Senegal, Gorée has a ... one asked local residents, they would say they know nothing about the MDGs. They are just trying to make a living and improve conditions ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  4. Moving therapy to frontline of AIDS war

    ... of Africa are still in their infancy. Botswana is treating about 7,500 people, Nigeria 15,000, Uganda 10,000, Malawi 3,000, Cameroon 6,000 ... to 10,000 of the 300,000 people who need them, at a cost of about $5 per month. Kenya has just announced that by 2005, the government will ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  5. Massive AIDS campaign gears up

    ... by the end of 2005. It is known as the "3x5" campaign. About 6 million people worldwide currently require ARVs, which are prescribed ... J. Kaiser Family Foundation in the US, found that in 2003 about half of all funding for HIV/AIDS programmes in poor countries came in the ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  6. The world reflects on Rwanda genocide

    ... Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR) -- was on the ground, with about 2,000 troops, originally sent to monitor implementation of an August 1993 ... as a whole. "Today, Rwanda has much to show the world about confronting the legacy of the past and tackling the challenge of ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  7. Women break into African politics

    ... women are taking an active role. They not only head about a third of all households, but have also taken up many jobs that were ... across sub-Saharan Africa equals the world average of about 15 per cent. Despite being one of the poorest regions in the world, the ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  8. Africa and Asia forge stronger alliances

    ... Malaysian institutions. From its inception until mid-2003, about 2,000 participants from 46 African countries have taken part. According ...

    amelia - 29 aoû 2016

  9. Let’s close gap between humanitarian needs and resources

    ... by every single human being in need. In total there are about 100 million to 135 million people in the world today who are in need. That number would be the population of about the 11th- or 12th-largest country in the world, which is Japan. These ...

    web.ar - 24 aoû 2016

  10. Africa after Brexit

    ... Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, and Britain was worth about £6 billion ($7.9 billion), and had been projected to reach £20 billion ... British development aid to Africa. Britain contributed about £409 million ($543 million), or 14.8%, to the European Development Fund ...

    web.ar - 22 aoû 2016