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  1. Billions now required to save depleted healthcare systems

    ... had a significant shortfall of medical personnel – only about 50 doctors, which was approximately one doctor per 100,000 persons. “Before Ebola, we needed about $20 million annually for drugs but we were getting only $2 million,” ...

    web.ar - 27 aoû 2015

  2. Ethiopia’s development is mostly people-driven

    ... with Mr. Tadesse in his office in the capital Addis Ababa about the reasons driving Ethiopia’s economic growth. Why did the Gates ... economies in the world? The government has been clear about how it wants to grow the economy. It is committed both to growth and to ...

    web.ar - 27 aoû 2015

  3. UN and partners urge resolution to crisis after Somali legislators approve motion to impeach President

    ... statement continued, the envoys said they remain concerned about progress on the legislative agenda and the need to pass key legislation ...

    Sara - 27 aoû 2015

  4. Africa, midway through its "Glorious Thirty"

    ... economic prospects are bright, but the continent loses about 4 percent of its GDP each year due to the exclusion of women from ...

    eleni - 27 aoû 2015

  5. Abuja: honouring victims of 2011 terrorist attack, Ban sees Nigeria as key partner in achieving UN goals

    ... and personally as a father and grandfather. Think about your own daughters. How would you feel if your own daughters and sisters ... by others?” Asking all those who might have information about those innocent abducted girls to help them, he urged communities to work ...

    eleni - 25 aoû 2015

  6. Cashing in on the cashew nuts boom

    ... produced 550,000 tonnes of raw cashew nuts in 2014—about 22% of the global production. The figure is expected to hit a record ... decade ending in 1970, Côte d’Ivoire produced a total of about 300 tonnes of cashew nuts. Its commercial production remained modest for ...

    web.ar - 25 aoû 2015

  7. Borrowing responsibly: Africa’s debt challenge

    ... private sector financing. “Despite misgivings about certain countries, Africa is still in a fundamentally different place ...

    web.ar - 25 aoû 2015

  8. At Security Council, top UN health officials spotlight role of emergency preparedness in Ebola fight

    ... in West Africa shocked the world out of its complacency about the infectious disease threat,” Dr. Chan continued. “We witnessed the ...

    Sara - 24 aoû 2015

  9. World must invest in new sustainable development agenda, UN official stresses

    ... inadequate infrastructure and lack of decent jobs. “It’s about behaviour. It’s about livelihoods. It’s about lifestyles. It’s about how we consume and we ...

    Sara - 20 aoû 2015

  10. UN and international envoys urge Burundi Government to forge ‘new path’ through dialogue

    ... as hosts, the Envoys said that dialogue that brings about a political resolution to the instability in Burundi is the best route to ...

    Sara - 19 aoû 2015