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  1. General Assembly opens 72nd session with focus on the world’s people

    ... the career diplomat from Slovakia spoke to  UN News  about his hopes for his one-year tenure, and said that conflict prevention and ...

    web.ar - 14 sep 2017

  2. Increased remittances will have greater impact on development

    ... talked to the president of IFAD, Gilbert Houngbo , about the impact remittances are having in receiving countries. The following ... that if it goes further down to 3%, this will amount to about $20 or $40 billion that can be released back to beneficiaries. ...

    web.ar - 13 sep 2017

  3. Alternative financing strategies to boost small businesses in Africa

    ... to 85% of manufacturing jobs in the country and contributing about 70% to the country’s GDP. In Nigeria, 37 million SMEs employ about 60 million people and account for about 48% of the country’s GDP. ...

    web.ar - 13 sep 2017

  4. Uproar over Internet shutdowns

    ... a nationwide blackout was imposed in Ethiopia over concerns about cheating at exams. Ethiopian government spokesperson Mohammed Seid ...

    web.ar - 13 sep 2017

  5. Private sector’s role in implementing SDGs

    ... challenges or risks that governments should be cautious about? Public-private partnerships have the capacity to promote and spur ... in other African countries. How so? By 2030, about 60% of people in Africa will be living in cities, with numbers as high as ...

    web.ar - 13 sep 2017

  6. Partnerships at work in Africa

    ... reliable and efficient power supply. The plant will add about 220 megawatts of electricity to Ghana’s national grid. The country now ... which the National Energy Policy of 2010 estimated would be about 5,000 megawatts by 2016. “We hope the project will address the ...

    web.ar - 13 sep 2017

  7. Africa on the road to industrial progress

    ... been the case throughout the last century. But let me talk about factors hindering industrialization. Long ago the international ... the 1980s a wrong prescription? I do not want to talk about that because I was involved in the whole process of structural adjustment ...

    web.ar - 10 aoû 2017

  8. Africa’s quest for a cashless economy gains momentum

    ... a gender equality activist in Liberia, did not have to worry about long bank queues and complex paperwork. Instead she took her phone, ... and financial literacy—has proved attractive to investors. About 90% of retail transactions in sub-Saharan Africa are cash based, while ...

    web.ar - 10 aoû 2017

  9. Pension funds, insurance companies as key drivers of regional integration

    ... billion in 2010. When it comes to investing abroad, about 50% of the firms studied allocated a portion of their portfolio to assets ... Northern Corridor. The survey also found out that about a third of Rwandan pension funds and insurance companies invested abroad, ...

    web.ar - 10 aoû 2017

  10. ICC: Beyond the threats of withdrawal

    ... Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame, said the court was never about “justice but politics disguised as international justice.” ...

    web.ar - 10 aoû 2017