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  1. Africa’s economy set for dramatic changes

    ... producing countries should be worried? Yes, worried about the US market continuing to be one of their destinations.  How ... will the US energy market be a game changer?  In about five years they will not import oil and gas. The US is poised to become a ...

    web.ar - 30 sep 2014

  2. Trade between two unequal partners

    ... has increased steadily, from $277 billion (2.3%) in 2001 to about $1 trillion (4.6%) in 2011, according to the UN Conference on Trade and ...

    web.ar - 30 sep 2014

  3. Peace in South Sudan critical to regional stability

    ... and they are plagued by hunger, disease and insecurity.” About 100,000 civilians have sought shelter at UN bases around the country. ... should be imposed. “Sanctions would go a long way to bring about a ceasefire. But they need not be imposed by Western countries or the ...

    web.ar - 30 sep 2014

  4. Financing infrastructure

    ... initiative which aims to provide access to electricity to about 50 million people in Africa in both rural and urban areas. As envisioned, ...

    web.ar - 30 sep 2014

  5. Raw deal for African women traders

    ... meat and dairy products.  Women’s lack of knowledge about their rights under trade treaties and protocols exacerbates the problems ...

    web.ar - 30 sep 2014

  6. World grossly ill-prepared to ‘douse wildfire’ sparked by Ebola, West African leaders tell UN

    ... hard-hit health care system and increase awareness about the signs and symptoms of the disease in all households, the ...

    web.ar - 30 sep 2014

  7. UN chief to leaders: ‘The world can and must stop Ebola – now’

    ... a threat to peace and security. “We are talking about nothing less than a potential meltdown of this continent,” said Mr. ...

    web.ar - 29 sep 2014

  8. ‘The future of Africa is in unity’, says Niger’s President, among continental leaders at UN Assembly

    ... to let the insecurity grow instead of helping to bring about a peace, and called for a strategy that cuts off financing and blocks a ... the drive for democracy. He was ver concerned, for example, about the situation in neighboring Libya, and hoped that the leaders there ...

    web.ar - 29 sep 2014

  9. Rwandan President calls on public, private sector to work together on climate change

    ... negative experiences of nationalism are creating doubt about patriotism and national identity. Today, more than ever before, national ...

    web.ar - 29 sep 2014

  10. Terrorism, Ebola are impeding development, DR Congo chief tells UN

    ... world,” he declared. Echoing Mr. Kabila’s concerns about terrorism disrupting development, Cameroonian President Paul Biya, in a ...

    web.ar - 29 sep 2014