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  1. Chinese yuan penetrates African markets

    ... investments from China to Zimbabwe, which amounted to about $600 million last year.  “It’s an option that will increase ... dollars as the RMB gains greater traction in global trade.  About 85% of Nigeria’s reserves are held in US dollars. In March last year, ...

    web.ar - 19 sep 2014

  2. Plant breeders to boost Africa’s indigenous crops

    ... Kenya, to examine the nutritional and productivity levels of about a hundred African crops. Upon completion of the project, which is set to ... director general at the World Agroforestry Center. It’s about getting the DNA of crops, Allen Van Deynze of the University of ...

    web.ar - 19 sep 2014

  3. Peace in South Sudan critical to regional stability

    ... and they are plagued by hunger, disease and insecurity.” About 100,000 civilians have sought shelter at UN bases around the country. ... should be imposed. “Sanctions would go a long way to bring about a ceasefire. But they need not be imposed by Western countries or the ...

    web.ar - 19 sep 2014

  4. Marking International Day, UN affirms people's right to 'imagine' and live in peace

    ... the bed-in in 1969 things were so bad, no one wanted to know about world peace. Now I think that 99 per cent of the people in the world are ...

    web.ar - 19 sep 2014

  5. Inequality clouds growing economy

    ... 21 million people have access to electricity. While about half of the population has access to safe drinking water, this number ... Oil production and its supporting activities contribute about 45% to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 80% to government ...

    web.ar - 19 sep 2014

  6. Africa Wired

    ... 3 and 17 volts power supply. It weighs 510g and it’s about the size of a Mac Mini. Ideal for use in particularly rural areas, it can ... connected at a relatively low cost. Ushahidi is optimistic about the device’s potential to help small business owners in Kenya and other ...

    web.ar - 19 sep 2014

  7. Africa’s vanishing Lake Chad

    ... water reservoir in the Sahel region, covering an area of about 26,000 square kilometres, about the size of the US state of Maryland and bigger than Israel or Kuwait. ...

    web.ar - 18 sep 2014

  8. Africa’s trade under a cloud of changing climate

    ... a major player in East Africa trade, and cost the country about $10 billion in property damages and related losses. Environmentalists ... of non-tariff barriers to trade, including restrictive rules about origin of goods, import and export bans and costly licensing. In the ...

    web.ar - 17 sep 2014

  9. Biofortification offers hope for Africa’s malnourished

    ... has introduced pro-vitamin A cassava and maize. In Rwanda, about half a million farmers are growing new varieties of beans rich in iron. ... an interview that they have scaled up their interventions in about 15 African countries, including in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ...

    web.ar - 17 sep 2014

  10. Trade between two unequal partners

    ... has increased steadily, from $277 billion (2.3%) in 2001 to about $1 trillion (4.6%) in 2011, according to the UN Conference on Trade and ...

    web.ar - 12 sep 2014