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  1. Africa has a “window of opportunity” to avoid a new debt trap

    ... World Bank paper, puts the infrastructure gap for Africa at about $93 billion per year. And that requires money because the gap is too ... like Ghana, it has decreased its debt-to-GDP ratio from about 80% in 2003 all the way down to 30% after the HIPC and MDRI debt relief. ...

    Sara - 27 nov 2015

  2. To avoid wars, give diplomacy a chance - Mr. Sampaio

    ... in my country and outside. Can you share with us a bit about your work that won you this prize? I have done many things in my ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015

  3. The #FFD conference is not about “putting money on the table”

    ... taking place in Africa.” He explained that before it was about how the developed countries helped the others, but now the world is ... on the street.” He warned that the conference was not about putting money on the table, but about defining a framework for the ...

    eleni - 27 nov 2015

  4. Africa Wired

    ... these community-based security groups receive 40% of Ksh25 (about 25 US cents) garnered for every cubic metre of water.  The youths ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015

  5. How did partnerships work for Africa?

    ... for example, a 50% cost reduction in ARVs translates into about 45,000 CFA per month (about US$88). Yet, given that the cost is higher than the average monthly ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015

  6. Light at the end of the tunnel

    ... an improved drinking water source, up from 48% in 1990, and about 14% of countries that met the water target in 2012 were in Africa, while ... and 2010, sanitation coverage increased by just 4%, to reach about a third of the population. The number of Africans without an improved ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015

  7. New cases drop, but numbers still high

    ... therapy contributed to a decline in cases.  Even so, about 90% of all malaria fatalities in the world still occur in Africa, states ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015

  8. Lack of resources affecting interventions

    ... Africa, according to the World Health Organisation. This is about 800 women dying each day due to complications from pregnancy or ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015

  9. Sub-Saharan Africa lags behind

    ... poverty. Twenty years later that proportion was estimated at about 48.4%. This translates to a 14% reduction, but to achieve the target the ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015

  10. MDGs: An assessment of Africa’s progress

    ... William Easterly has argued that making the first MDG about halving poverty by 2015, compared to its level in 1990, “biased the ...

    web.ar - 27 nov 2015