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  1. Wanted: affordable medicines for all

    ... necessary to prevent it. One dose of pneumonia vaccine costs about $68, and it is $204 for the three doses needed to vaccinate one child, ... to populations in emergency situations, have long complained about what they claim are “artificially high prices” of pneumonia vaccines, ...

    web.ar - 19 Jan 2017

  2. Mental illness: Invisible but devastating

    ... disorder, depression and severe anxiety. Kenya has only about 80 psychiatrists and 30 clinical psychologists, fewer than its 500 ... World Health Organization (WHO), yet the country spends only about 0.05% of its health budget on mental health. About 70% of mental health ...

    web.ar - 19 Jan 2017

  3. It’s time to rethink medical insurance

    ... by both government and individual premiums, donors fund about half of Rwanda’s health budget. “The most hard-up [Rwandans] pay ... for membership in the programme, [while] wealthier folks pay about $8 a year,” says The Economist , a UK weekly. “Visits to doctors ...

    web.ar - 19 Jan 2017

  4. About

    The Africa Renewal information programme, produced by the Africa Section of the United Nations Department of Public Information, provides up-to-date information and analysis of the major economic and development challenges facing Africa...

    web.ar - 9 Jan 2017

  5. Restoring the economy’s ability to deliver prosperity

    ... exchange of information and ideas, they see only uncertainty about their futures, growing inequalities and weak productivity gains. Too few ...

    amelia - 8 Jan 2017

  6. Business opportunities through government tenders

    ... from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya—despite the fact that about 30% of the projects published on the platform are in Africa. Winning ... ; Website: www.devbuiness.com For questions about notices: Email: dbusiness@un.org Liaison Office: ...

    web.ar - 22 déc 2016

  7. Africa welcomes new trade initiatives from Japanese investors

    ... and investment. “These are firms which are passionate about Africa,” Mr. Abe stated. “I hope my visit will boost bilateral ...

    web.ar - 13 déc 2016

  8. Commodity prices crash hits Africa

    ... announcing an unprecedented spending cut of 25 billion rand (about $1.7 billion). Liberia, Gambia and other countries are also implementing ... Former ECA executive secretary Carlos Lopes repeatedly spoke about the paradox of countries’ importing Toblerone chocolates from ...

    web.ar - 13 déc 2016

  9. Dying from lack of medicines

    ... of the poor cannot afford. “The system does not care about your [empty] pockets.” Inhibiting factors About 80% of Africans, mostly those in the middle-income bracket and below, ...

    web.ar - 13 déc 2016

  10. Taking health services to remote areas

    ... A shortage of health personnel means that one doctor serves about 50,000 people. The new county government has devised ways of taking ... number before the end of this year. “The good thing about these ‘ambulances’ is that they can navigate impassable roads to save ...

    web.ar - 13 déc 2016