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  1. Innovative use of fertilizers revives hope for Africa’s Green Revolution

    ... fertilizer use, and maize yields increased by 18% between 1997 and 2007, according to data from a nationwide household survey. In ... use, private-sector investment, improved access to credit, reduction in import costs, smart subsidy programmes and accelerated ...

    web.ar - 25 nov 2016

  2. Farmers embrace African 'miracle' rice

    ... Guinea, where the first Nerica varieties were introduced in 1997, Mamady Douno cultivates a rice field in Maferenya. “Since I started to ... Rice Development Association (WARDA). He gives much of the credit for this development to the “father of Nerica,” Mr. Monty Jones, a ...

    amelia - 1 sep 2016

  3. UN reform plan will provide new impetus to development

    ... A. Novicki Afrique Renouveau:  July 1997 Secretary-General Kofi Annan answers ... crisis, he proposed as an interim measure that a revolving credit fund be established, initially capitalized at up to $1 bn, through ...

    web.ar - 30 déc 2014

  4. Boosting African farm yields

    ... to perform some of these functions, providing stable prices, credit extension services, improved seeds and technology to local farmers. But ... more quickly.” Here too there are encouraging signs. In 1997, scientists at the West Africa Rice Development Association developed ...

    web.ar - 18 avr 2013

  5. Fonds de développement “vert” pour l’Afrique

    ... débattue lors des négociations du Protocole de Kyoto de 1997, qui oblige les pays pollueurs à réduire considérablement leurs ...

    Anonymous (non vérifié) - 4 mar 2013

  6. Droits fonciers : le combat des femmes

    ... des groupes de la société civile ont fait adopter en 1997 une loi qui garantit aux femmes un accès aux terres et aux biens. ...

    Anonymous (non vérifié) - 1 mar 2013

  7. Augmenter les rendements agricoles de l’Afrique

    ... cet égard également, certains projets sont prometteurs. En 1997, des chercheurs de l’Association pour le développement de la ...

    Anonymous (non vérifié) - 28 fév 2013

  8. African women are ready to lead

    ... coincidence that seven of them are from Southern Africa. In 1997 the member-states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) ... access to productive resources, such as land, water, energy, credit, means of communication, education and training, health and work with ...

    web.ar - 26 fév 2013

  9. Women struggle to secure land rights

    ... Even when they do, they still have difficulties getting credit, because in many countries they need the consent of their husbands to ... easier. In Mozambique, civil society groups gained a law in 1997 entitling women to secure access to land and property. “We saw the land ...

    Anonymous (non vérifié) - 26 fév 2013

  10. Women in North Africa secure more rights

    ... entire patrilineal concept of the family.” Much of the credit for this progress lies with the emergence of dynamic and indigenous ... Morocco got its first senior female political figure in 1997, a secretary of state in the cabinet. Since then there have been few ...

    Anonymous (non vérifié) - 25 fév 2013