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  1. Elephants are the latest conflict resource

    ... jail time for offenders, poachers are still on the prowl. Somalia, for instance, is overrun by rebel and terrorist groups, as well as ... - 30 juil 2015

  2. As health needs rise in Somalia, funding hits new low, cutting off 1.5 million from care – UN

    ... during a joint humanitarian assessment mission to Marka, Somalia, on 9 July 2014. UN Photo/David Mutua Somalia – a country where every two hours a mother dies due to pregnancy ...

    eleni - 30 juil 2015

  3. Africa has a “window of opportunity” to avoid a new debt trap

    ... not yet benefitted from the debt relief, notably Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan [they are classified as “pre-decision countries” which ...

    Sara - 28 juil 2015

  4. Ethiopia’s development is mostly people-driven

    ... this conflict. Ethiopia is also supporting peace efforts in Somalia.  Ethiopia has done well in building its own military capability to ... - 28 juil 2015

  5. Can Africa fund its own growth?

    ... happened when US banks plugged remittance services to Somalia. Curtailing IFFs remains a major challenge that Africa must ... - 7 juil 2015

  6. Africa grapples with a jobless growth

    ... others, and current ones in the Central African Republic and Somalia, these are being fought by disaffected young people.  Why is it ... - 19 juin 2015

  7. Refugees turn to Ethiopia for safety and asylum

    ... Kenya in July 2014. Most of the refugees come from Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.   In mid-December 2013, thousands of South ... situation in the Horn of Africa Sharing borders with Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Eritrea which are grappling with conflicts, ... - 12 mai 2015

  8. Millions of girls remain out of school

    ... women study in a science laboratory at Mogadishu University, Somalia. Photo: Panos/Sven Torfinn Bright-eyed and clever, a young ... - 27 avr 2015

  9. Women seek greater role in rebuilding Central African Republic

    ... was comparable to other protracted crises for example Somalia, DRC, Afghanistan, etc. Of the over $555 million requested last year, ... - 13 avr 2015

  10. Industrialized countries spotlight Africa

    ... development for Angola, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mali, Mozambique, Somalia, Tanzania and Zambia, which have significant outstanding obligations to ... - 27 mar 2015