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  1. Africa after Brexit

    ... could in the future decide to deploy its own troops to Somalia. The good news is that Africa can actually seek assistance ... - 22 aoû 2016

  2. Women grapple with harsh weather

    ... sand along the Shabelle River bed, following a drought in Somalia. Photo: Reuters/Feisal Omar The visible impacts of climate ... - 22 aoû 2016

  3. African democracy coming of age

    ... followed by Cape Verde at 40. The poor performers were Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Angola, Libya and Guinea-Bissau.    Conflict ... South Africa, Namibia, Seychelles and Ghana, in that order. Somalia, again, ranked the lowest, below South Sudan, the Central African ... - 22 aoû 2016

  4. 尼古拉斯·凯:索马里描画新的发展道路

    ... Secretary-General and Head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). ... - 19 aoû 2016

  5. Africa Watch: South Sudan

    ... 2015.” The top three countries are Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. The latest outbreak of fighting, if not contained, is expected to ... - 15 aoû 2016

  6. Somalia charts a new path

    ... Secretary-General and Head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). Nicholas Kay , a former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, completed his assignment at the end of 2015. For over two years, he ... - 5 aoû 2016

  7. From strife to revival, Mogadishu holds hopes and dreams

    ... opened Peace Garden, in Hamar jajab district of Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: UN Photo/Ilyas Ahmed The mere mention of ... from the brink Today a new Mogadishu is rising from Somalia’s turbulent past. From the time that Al-Shabaab militants pulled out ... - 5 aoû 2016

  8. Somalia rising from the ashes

    ... and obliterated the banking system. Today the mention of Somalia invokes chilling images of the deadly activities of Al-Shabaab ... suicide bombers or pirates. But the horrors that defined Somalia during the civil war are slowly giving way to a new Somalia, one that ... - 5 aoû 2016

  9. A new era for African media

    ... Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan. Whether from government, armed groups or terrorists, ... - 5 aoû 2016

  10. Security Council extends African Union mission in Somalia

    ... Ethiopian soldiers with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), after a battle with Al-Shabaab militants on 9 June 2016 in Halgan village, Hiran region, Somalia. Photo: AMISOM/Ilyas Ahmed 7 July 2016 – Reauthorizing ...

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