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  1. Entrepreneurial universities: marrying scholarly research with business acumen

    ... to offer internship programmes to young entrepreneurs. Brazil, China, Europe and North and Latin America, as well as some newly ... - 16 mai 2017

  2. Commodity prices crash hits Africa

    ... growth trajectory. During that period, China, India, Brazil and European countries scrambled for a slice of Africa’s investment ... markets, weaknesses in global growth, particularly in China, Brazil and India, rising borrowing costs and severe infrastructure constraints ... - 23 fév 2017

  3. Innovative use of fertilizers revives hope for Africa’s Green Revolution

    ... this figure will represent a mere 2% of global consumption. Brazil, China, India, and the US drive global fertilizer consumption ... - 25 nov 2016

  4. A megaproject rises in East Africa

    ... assurances from foreign private investors. However, Brazil, China, the European Union, India, Japan, Qatar and South Korea, though ... - 25 nov 2016

  5. Africa after Brexit

    ... are the fastest-growing globally. With China, the US, Brazil, India and others strengthening their relations with Africa, the ... - 7 nov 2016

  6. Debt bailouts or workouts?

    ... troubled economies. In Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil and a few other cases, the IMF frequently helped put together massive ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  7. Global financial clouds on Africa's horizon

    ... by repeated financial crises, in Mexico, East Asia, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and now Argentina. Many economists associate this turbulence ... worsening the crises that soon broke out in Russia and Brazil. Africa, because of its less-developed ties with the world economy, was ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  8. Another Africa is possible

    ... of the late-January World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil (see box), it was an occasion for farmers' groups, women's associations, ... forum For the second year in a row, Porto Alegre, Brazil, hosted a massive World Social Forum, organized by non-governmental and ...

    amelia - 14 oct 2016

  9. What Doha means for Africa

    ... already producing cheaper generic medicines, such as Brazil and India. The US had used the declaration to gain developing countries' ...

    amelia - 30 sep 2016

  10. Africa in brief

    ... the World Trade Organization (WTO). The G21, which includes Brazil, China, India and South Africa, disagreed with the EU at a failed WTO ... days before that deadline, the EU attended a G21 meeting in Brazil to jointly declare that there is “general agreement that we need to ...

    amelia - 1 sep 2016