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Private Sector

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As a major stakeholder in Africa's development, the private sector has a key role to play in the successful implementation of NEPAD. The private sector is an important force for growth and development. A vibrant domestic private sector promises to be a virtuous link in the cycle of improving the competitiveness of African economies, signaling the existence of an enabling environment for business, and attracting foreign investment, which in turn strengthens international competitiveness of African economies.

Successful development experiences over recent decades consistently confirm that good governance, a sound economic environment and well-functioning physical and social infrastructure are essential for fostering private sector-led growth.

The Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA) seeks to encourage the engagement of the domestic private sector in Africa, as a key element in the successful implementation of NEPAD.  OSAA has published a number of reports relating to increasing the participation of the private sector in NEPAD programmes and priorities.


Economic Diversification in Africa: A Review of Selected Countries (October 2010)

Small Scale Enterprise Development and FDI in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities (2008)

The Private Sector's Institutional Response to NEPAD: Review of current experience and practices (2008)

The Contribution of the Private Sector to the Implementation of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) (2006)

Report on the Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on the Contribution of the Private sector to the Implementation of the New Partnership for Africa's Development, Midrand, South Africa, 28 February- 2 March 2005.

Report on the Round-table Discussion on Promoting Domestic Private Sector in Africa:A Key Element in the Successful Implementation of the New Partnership for Afric's Development (October 2004)

Report on the Panel Discussion on Capital Flows to Africa: Potentials for Financing the New Partnership for Africa's development (2004)