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Gleneagles: Monitoring the Commitments

Key Messages

  • The success of the G8 2005 'Gleneagles' commitments on Africa will be measured by how well they are implemented.
  • UK has taken the lead on making sure monitoring processes are put in place at the international level, and to ensure these work together effectively. We have also established mechanisms at the national level, to ensure the UK is living up to its own commitments.

At the international level:

  • The Prime Minister announced in June 2006 the creation of the 'Africa Progress Panel' to maintain pressure for implementation of commitments, and to keep Africa high on the international agenda hyperlink to Africa Progress Panel document
  • The UK has also helped strengthen the Africa Partnership Forum, tasked at Gleneagles to monitor progress hyperlink to Africa Partnership Forum document, including helping to establish and fund a Support Unit.
  • The UK also supports the Archbishop of Cape Town's proposal for an 'African Monitor', launched in May 2006 a network of civil society groups aiming to track progress at grassroots level of commitments made in Africa. DFID has provided 30,000 seed fundingExternal linkhttp://www.africanmonitor.org 

At the national level:

Last updated: 30 January 2008

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