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The Commission for Africa

Commission for AfricaIn early 2004, the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, established the Commission for Africa. The 17 members of the Commission, 9 from Africa and all working in their individual and personal capacities, published their report "Our Common Interest" on 11 March 2005.

The Commission's report is addressed to the leaders of the G8 and to the wider international community. It is also addressed to the people of Africa and the world as a whole. The measures proposed by the Commission constitute a coherent package to achieve the Commission's goal of a strong and prosperous Africa.

About this website

This website is the permanent archive of the work of the Commission for Africa. Here you can read the Commission report and other materials associated with the Commission. These include the background to the Commission, its meetings, how it consulted in Africa and around the world, and its work to present the report to various audiences. The Commission timeline offers an overview of the Commission's activities from May 2004 to July 2005. This website was updated for the last time on 29 July 2005.

External sites

Building on the momentum of the Commission for Africa, African and international businesses have formed a new coalition - Business Action for Africa - to develop and showcase actions to promote successful African development. As part of the Commission's outreach work with schools in the UK a consortium of development education organisations created the Learning Africa website as a resource to help teachers explore the issues raised by the Commission's findings in the classroom.