Republic of Yemen

Speech by

ALE. Mr. Ali Mohamnned Al-Anisi
Director of the Presidential Office Diputy Head of the Supreme National Committee for Human Rights
Head of the Delegation of the Republic of Yemen.

The World Conference Against Racism, Raciai Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intoierance

DURBAN - Republic of South Africa (31 August - 7 September 2001)3rd September 2001


Madam NC Duamini Zuma,
Minister foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa
President of the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related intolerance

Allow me in the name of the delegation of the Republic of Yemen -- to congratulate you for your election to preside over this conference.
I am sure that your wisdom and great competence shall contribute much towards achieving the goals of this conference, to eliminate all kinds of racial discrimination.
We also wish to thank the government of South Africa far hosting this conference.
We can not forget to direct our thanks and appreciation for Madam Mary Robenson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - for her efforts in the preparation for this conference.

Madam President,

Convening of this conference in South Africa, the symbol for struggle against apartheid and racial discrimination gives the conference a significant support and encouragement for fulfilling its objectives.

I take this opportunity to convey special greetings to the historical leader Mr. Nelson Mandela and his colleagues members of the National African Conference. Who struggled to eliminate apartheid and racial discrimination in South Africa.

Madam President,

We all are required to contribute effectively towards achieving the goals of this conference.
The Republic of Yemen had participated in the efforts of the international community to combat racism and to guarantee the respect for human rights.
The civil rights, the political rights, as well as the economic, social and cultural rights, particularly the rights to be educated, the rights of women children, refugees and the handicapped persons, it has signed and ratified the treaties and agreements and other international conventions related to human rights.

It also ratified the agreements related to labor and workers rights and those deals with the child labor etc.
All this happened due to the prevalence of the political multiparty system, the freedom of the press and other freedoms as well as the respect for human rights. This system is established and bolstered by H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh President of the Republic.

Madam President,

Our Islamic religion calls for justice brotherhood equality and love.
It prohibits tyranny of humans on other humans.
The rights of minorities were protected in Islamic societies, Religious or ethnic minorities were living in peace and harmony in the Arabic and Islamic environments until in our percentage the settlers Zionists came to Palestine with the help of the colonial powers. When the Zionists came to Palestine they started genocide and mass exodus of the indigenous people of the area, the Palestinian Arabs. Zionists who came from all corners of the earth, were implanted in the homes of the Palestinians.

Madam President,

The Israelis are practicing in Palestine all kinds of racial and religious discrimination against the Arabs remaining in Palestine whether in the areas occupied in 1967 or the areas occupied in 1948 inside what is so called the green line within which some still living Arabs are considered Israeli citizens. However there is discrimination against them. even in the distribution of water and other services.
We ask this conference to direct a clear condemnation to Israel and to reassure that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.
The international community should bear its responsibility to guarantee security and protection for the Palestinians as well as to guarantee the right of self determination for the Palestinian People.

The international community should oblige Israel to pay compensations because of the crimes it committed against the Arabs of Palestine.
In addition to bringing the Zionists war criminals to justice, also there should be a renewal and affirmation for the resolution passed by the UN General Assembly in 1975 equating Zionism to racism.

Madam President,

Allow me here to mention some measures my government believe that it should help in eliminating fanaticism and racism as well as xenophobia_
1; Promotion of cultural variety for enriching social and economic life for all humans.
2: Rejection of all political inclinations that bring fanaticism, discrimination and hatred for foreigners.
3: Sponsoring of policies regulations and legislations that prevent discrimination. Those policies shall include information policies.
4: Rejection of cultural hegemony and to strengthen the concept of world cultural heritage for a11.
5: To provide a suitable environment for the NGO's and other civil organizations to combat fanaticism and racial discrimination,.
b: To enhance dialogue between civilizations and cultures, since dialogue plays an important rule in the rejection of fanaticism and racial discrimination against other humans and their cultures and creeds.
7: To bolster the rule of education in the respect for all kinds of ethnic, culture and languages of societies, and to stand racism
8: To compensate the victims of the practices of racism and colonialisnn as well as western hegemony and foreign occupation of other countries, the slave trade and racial cleansing.
9: To implement effectively the international treaties, conventions and agreements that prohibit the practices of discrimination and abuse of human rights.
10: To fulfil the obligations of UN member states in this regard, and to put a permanent mechanism to follow up.
11: To take international measures to prevent Zionist crimes as they are the highest form of racism and fanaticism in this age of ours.

Dealing with human rights and racial discrimination should be according to unified standards not according to double standards, as human values can not be divided

We, as people and governments should adhere to the principle of common human values and the necessity of cooperation between all different civilizations.

Dialogue is the yard stick for eliminating racism, fanaticism and xenophobia,

Thank you Madam President.