UN Pictorial History


Welcome to an on-line pictorial history of the UN. Use the timeline (below) to navigate through this pictorial. Note that you can view more detailed images (~50K GIF) by clicking on any photograph.

1 Headquarters of United Nations.
New York, 1992
185265 c UN/DPI/A. Brizzi

2 Flag of the United Nations.
New York, 1980
145618 c UN/DPI Photo by J. Isaac

3 Flags of UN Member States fly at Headquarters.
New York, 1992
185518 c UN/DPI/A. Brizzi

4 The General Assembly at its 48th session.
New York, 27/9/93
183790 c UN/DPI/E. Kanalstein

5 The Security Council votes on Angola.
New York, 8/2/95
189133 c UN/DPI/E. Schneider

6 The Economic and Social Council.
New York, 8/82
150098 c UN/DPI/M. Grant

7 The Trusteeship Council.
New York, 1992
185532 c UN/DPI/A. Brizzi

8 The International Court of Justice.
The Hague, 1992
186850 c UN/DPI/A. Brizzi

9 The Palais des Nations, UN Office at Geneva.
Geneva, 1992
186878 c UN/DPI/P. Klee

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