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ODS on-line
The United Nations Optical Disk System (ODS) is a storage and retrieval system for United Nations documents that uses optical disk as the storage medium and permits high-speed transmission of such documents through telecommunications links. The System includes a total of 300,000 documents produced in New York beginning in 1993; documents produced in Geneva, as well as, all resolutions and decisions in all offical languages of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and Trusteeship Council from 1946.
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United Nations Treaty Collection on-line
Under Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations, "Every treaty and every international agreement entered into by any Member of the United Nations after the present Charter comes into force shall as soon as possible be registered with the Secretariat and published by it". This collection includes five categories of treaty-related data: Status of Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General; The United Nations Treaty Series; Recently Deposited Multilateral Treaties; Photographs of Treaty Signature Ceremonies; Titles of the Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General in the UN official languages. Please visit the site for pricing information.

Agenda for Development
The Agenda for Development, adopted by the General Assembly after intense and extended consultations, represents one of the most far-reaching agreements on the central issue of development ever attained by the international community. This comprehensive document not only addresses the familiar components of development, such as economic growth, trade, finance, science and technology, poverty eradication, employment and human resources development, but also places new emphasis on the role of democracy, human rights, popular participation, good governance and the empowerment of women. As such, it provides an all-encompassing framework for international cooperation on development - a central and evolving concern of the United Nations since its inception.
Sales No.: E. 98.I.3     ISBN: 9211006449     120 pages     $ 7.50

An Agenda for Peace
This report by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, contains an extensive collection of United Nations documents concerning the international community's efforts to improve the Organization's capacity for preventative diplomacy, peacemaking and peace-keeping. This second edition includes the original text of An Agenda for Peace, related United Nations documents and a new position paper by the Secretary-General, which reviews the experiences of the Organization in implementing the Agenda.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.15     ISBN: 9211005558     159 pages     $ 7.50

Basic Facts About the United Nations
This new updated edition of Basic Facts About the United Nations reflects the wide range of concerns and multitude of ways in which the United Nations touches the lives of people everywhere. It chronicles the work of the Organization in such areas as peace, development, human rights, refugees, disarmament and international legal order. In describing the work of the UN System, this publication provides us with a blueprint of our concerns, problems and determined efforts to find solutions.
Sales No.: E. 98.I.20     ISBN: 9211007933     388 pages     $ 10.00

The Blue Helmets: A Review of United Nations Peace-keeping
The third edition of The Blue Helmets is a unique publication, containing the main facts of 41 United Nations peace-keeping operations from 1948 through early 1996. Wearing their familiar blue helmets or blue berets, military personnel serving as United Nations peace-keepers are increasingly being joined by civilian colleagues. Together, they have been given ever more challenging mandates. United Nations peace-keeping operations have supervised cease-fires and the separation of forces; they have helped promote national reconciliation and respect for human rights; and they have organized and monitored elections. Humanitarian tasks have also been brought within the purview of peace-keeping.
Sales No.: E. 96.I.14     ISBN: 9211006112     840 pages     29.95

Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice
Complete texts of the United Nations Charter and Statute of the International Court of Justice.
Sales No.: E. DPI/511     80 pages     $ 3.00

Curbing Illicit Trafficking in Small Arms and Sensitive Technologies: An Action-oriented Agenda
Illicit trafficking in small arms and sensitive technologies is not a new phenomenon in itself, but has acquired new dimensions and urgency with the end of the Cold War. This book illustrates how illicit trafficking affects both the stability of states and the safety of their populations. Curbing its development and proliferation calls for a better assessment of the phenomenon and a new way of looking at problems and identifying solutions. The debate in this book centres around such prominent issues as trafficking in small arms; delivery system technologies and components; and weapons of mass destruction. The book concludes with a set of recommendations on how to develop cooperation and provides an action-oriented agenda that can be adopted by such institutions as police forces, border patrols, judiciary and parliamentary institutions, INTERPOL and intelligence services.
Sales No.: E. GV.98.0.8     ISBN: 9290451270     284 pages     $ 25.00

Disarmament: The World at a Critical Turning Point
This publication presents panel discussions held by the NGO Committee on Disarmament in 1998 and 1999. It also includes information from the third Preparatory Committee for the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference to be held in the year 2000. Discussions covered such issues as: nuclear disarmament and the prevention of proliferation; implementation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and new initiatives; nuclear disarmament; small arms; and outer space.
Sales No.: E. 99.IX.5     ISBN: 9211422310     268 pages     $ 25.00

Flags of the United Nations (chart)
A colourful wall chart showing the flags of the 185 countries that are Members of the United Nations. The chart is approximately 2 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet in size.
Sales No.: E. GV.98.0.21     ISBN: 9210000625     $ 9.95

Government-NGO Cooperation in Population Programmes
This publication presents a set of papers on the relevant areas surrounding the cooperation of Governmental organizations (GOs) and non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) in population programmes. The papers cover Government-NGO collaboration for strengthening population policies; population policies and programmes; factors inhibiting or challenging GO-NGO collaboration; and approaches to promoting GO-NGO cooperation.
Sales No.: E. 97.II.F.30     ISBN: 9211197678     98 pages     $ 15.00

HIV/AIDS and Human Rights: International Guidelines
There is increasing recognition that public health often provides an added and compelling justification for safeguarding human rights, despite the respect, protection and fulfilment which they merit in their own right. In the context of HIV/AIDS, an environment in which human rights are respected ensures that vulnerability to HIV/AIDS is reduced, those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS live a life of dignity without discrimination. The guidelines in this publication provide an important means for supporting both human rights and public health. They offer concrete measures that could be taken to protect human rights and health where HIV/AIDS is concerned. The book covers three broad areas - government's responsibility, laws and legal support services and private sector and community participation.
Sales No.: E. 98.XIV.1     ISBN: 9211541301     72 pages     $ 15.00

Human Development Papers: Poverty and Human Development
A look at poverty from a human development perspective. The 1997 edition presents six of the background papers prepared for the 1997 Human Development Report. They present a detailed and up-to-date analysis of poverty which goes beyond traditional income measures of deprivation. Causes and manifestations are also addressed. Discussions surround the theoretical and mathematical background for the development of the Human Poverty Index (HPI); the development of poverty in the current era of globalization of the world economy; poverty in the advanced industrialized countries; various difficulties confronting analysts in traditional approaches to the measurement of poverty; empowerment as an approach to poverty; and income poverty.
Sales No.: E. 98.III.B.2     ISBN: 9211260817     248 pages     $ 14.95

Human Development Report, The (CD-ROM)
The Human Development Report CD-ROM is comprised of the complete texts from the HDRs 1990 through 1999, along with the full data set from HDR 1999. The statistical database contains data for 174 countries and some 300 indicators, and allows the user to export data into a wide variety of formats and paste tables and charts onto other files. The texts of HDRs 1990-1999 can be searched with the CD's targeted list of about 1200 keywords, as well as by country, Report and additional keyword. Also included are a reference section on key terms, technical notes on computing human development indices, country fact sheets listing key data, tables reflecting the status of United Nations treaties, along with a press center with links to human development resources and more. System Requirements: 486 66MHz or greater PC; 16 MB RAM (32MB recommended); 8 MB hard drive space (25 MB recommended); 256 color monitor; CD-ROM reader (ISO 9660); Mouse; Printer (Optional).
Sales No.: E. 99.III.B.44     ISBN: 9211261201     $ 19.95
(List Price: $29.95)

Human Rights and Comparative Foreign Policy
Human Rights and Comparative Foreign Policy examines the place of human rights in the foreign policies of a wide range of states during contemporry times. Leading experts from around the world analyze both liberal democratic and other foreign policies on human rights. The authors note the increasing attention given to human rights issues and at the same time argues that most states, including liberal democratic states that identify with human rights, are reluctant most of the time to elevate human rights concerns to a level equal to that of traditional security and economic concerns. Human Rights and Comparative Foreign Policy also looks at the extent to which states are oriented toward an international rather than national conception of rights; and the extent to which they are oriented toward international rather than national action to protect human rights.
Sales No.: E. 99.III.A.2     ISBN: 9280810332     376 pages     $ 29.95

Human Rights and Legal Status of Women in the Asian and Pacific Region
The protection and promotion of women's human rights is a critical area of concern worldwide. The United Nations has played an important role in bringing international attention to this issue. This study takes you inside the Asian and the pacific region and focuses on three main areas: the reception of the general normative standards on gender equality in international law in national constitutions and international monitoring; limitation of constitutional approaches and the relevance of substantive and domestic laws; and the special problems of women and violence.
Sales No.: E. 97.II.F.31     ISBN: 9211197686     74 pages     $ 25.00

Humanitarian Report
Humanitarian tragedies occur every day of the year in all corners of the world, claiming lives and leaving in their wake material devastation and untold suffering. This United Nations report describes how the basic mechanisms of humanitarian coordination have evolved and details the international response to major humanitarian emergencies and major natural disasters in 1996 and the first quarter of 1997. It also analyzes several of the continuing challenges which confront the international humanitarian community including: the consequences of anti-personnel landmines, the special needs of internally-displaced persons and moving beyond humanitarian relief to support the longer-term goals of sustainable political, economic and social development.
Sales No.: E. GV.97.0.11     ISBN: 9211007453   116 pages     $ 45.00

Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly: Index to Speeches
The General Assembly, composed of 185 Member States, meets each year in regular session and holds special and emergency sessions as the need arises. The Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly is a bibliographic guide to the proceedings and documentation of the General Assembly. The Index to Speeches presents reference information on all speeches presented to the General Assembly. It is subdivided into three sections: corporate names/countries, speakers and subjects.
Sales No.: E. 99.I.27/PT.2     ISBN: 9211008247     472 pages     $ 49.00

Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly: Subject Index
The Subject Index is a valuable guide for anyone interested in the work of the General Assembly. It offers sessional information; a check-list of meetings; principal organs and subsidiary bodies to which members were elected or appointed; agenda; a subject list of documents; reports of the main and procedural committees; resolutions and decisions adopted; and a voting chart.
Sales No.: E. 99.I.26/PT.1     ISBN: 9211008239    460 pages     $ 49.00

Index to Proceedings of the Security Council
This series indexes meeting records (by subject and by country), including names of speakers and voting records of member States, reports, resolutions and documents of the Council.
Sales No.: E. 99.I.16     ISBN: 9211008123     316 pages     $ 35.00

Integrating Human Rights with Sustainable Human Development
Human Rights has gone beyond the traditional and limited view of civil and political rights, to a more holistic approach incorporating such dimensions as social, economic and cultural rights. This has thus resulted in the marriage between human rights and sustainable human development. In the wake of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948-1998, this publication comes to promote wide discussion and broad awareness of the links between human rights and development. It discusses human rights and their implications for sustainable human development, mainstreaming the United Nations Development Programme support for human rights and implementing strategy.
Sales No.: E. 98.III.B.10     ISBN: 9211260876     44 pages     $ 7.50

Intermediate School Kit on the United Nations
This kit is for students between the ages of 11 and 14. The topics covered include, among others, migration and pollution, health and literacy, painting and peace. With units in music, mathematics, art, biology, geography, history and literature, teachers of all subjects will find this material valuable and pertinent.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.36     ISBN: 9211005884     77 pages     $ 11.95

International Bill of Human Rights
This booklet contains the full text of the Bill, a text that provides both a legal and moral force for people everywhere. The International Bill of Human Rights contains three important parts: the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Optional Protocol to the Covenant. These are the precise Articles as conceived by the architects of the Bill.
Sales No.: E. DPI/925 REV.1     35 pages     $ 5.00

International Instruments of the United Nations: A Compilation of Agreements, Charters, Declarations, Principles, Proclamations, Protocols and Treaties adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations - 50 Years of Service to Humanity.
The texts of over 100 instruments establishing international norms and standards, adopted by the General Assembly during its first fifty years, comprise this unique and comprehensive compilation. It covers such areas as: disarmament, human rights, economic and development issues, social issues, space and international law and includes the texts of the Charter of the United Nations and the Statute of the International Court of Justice. An overview of relevant terms is provided and appendices offer a selected list of the UN instruments, lists of major UN conferences and observances and sources for obtaining further information.
Sales No.: E. 96.I.15     ISBN: 9211006120     480 pages     $ 30.00

International Investment: Towards the Year 2001
This study provides an overview of current trends in international investment flows and likely developments through the beginning of the next century. Its findings are that there will be a sharp rise in foreign investment as sales and production become more international and that this will increasingly occur through acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances. Other main conclusions are that developing economies will attract growing amounts of foreign direct investment and that the principal determinant for investing abroad will remain to get market access. While this study is based on subjective views, the individuals who have expressed them are in the driver's seat when it comes to internationalization. Their assessments therefore provide important pointers to developments that are likely to occur.
Sales No.: E. GV.97.0.5     ISBN: 9211007402     82 pages     $ 35.00

Manual on Human Rights Reporting
The promotion of the respect for human rights is one of the essential purposes of the United Nations. The system of periodic reporting established within the context of all major international human rights instruments if the central element in monitoring the full and effective national implementation of international human rights standards. Covering six major international instruments, this manual will serve as a practical tool, especially for government officials, in the preparation and submission of required reports.
Sales No.: E. GV.97.0.16     ISBN: 9211007526     552 pages     $ 29.00

Official Records of the Human Rights Committee
This annual contains extracted texts and summaries of significant constitutional, legislative and judicial developments on personal, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights throughout the world.
Sales No.: E. 96.XIV.2     ISBN: 9211541190     612 pages     $ 60.00

The Peace Poem
"Peace is working together; a preparation for the future." So says a young voice that is full of wisdom. - An extract from the Peace Poem. So apt as the world prepares for the coming of the new millennium. The Peace Poem resulted from an international collaborative effort of 450 schools from 38 countries worldwide, via the Internet. The children, the voices and leaders of tomorrow, share their thoughts on "peace" through poetry and art. These 466 voices intermingle to show the world what peace is, what it should be and how much they want it. This is an excellent, colour illustrated publication for schools, poetry readers and even that coffee table.
Sales No.: T. 98.I.13     ISBN: 9210020693   68 pages     $ 9.95

Population Issues Briefing Kit
This briefing kit discusses a wide range of issues related to population. Areas covered include: reproductive rights, reproductive health and family planning; empowering women; population and sustainable development; population and demographic trends; migration and urbanization; and challenges for the 21st century.
Sales No.: E. 98.III.H.4     ISBN: 0897144678     24 pages     $5.00

Primary School Kit on the United Nations
The Primary Kit, for children 7 to 10 years old, uses the UN's principles and activities to foster cooperation, caring and consensus in the classroom. Topics covered include rainforests, recycling, the UN Charter, refugees, and disarmament.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.35     ISBN: 9211005876     72 pages     $ 11.95

Protection of the Heritage of Indigenous People
For indigenous peoples the world over, the protection of cultural and intellectual property has taken on growing importance and urgency. This publication provides a basis for appropriate standard-setting by international bodies as well as a number of specific institutional measures to provide indigenous peoples with some immediate relief from the widespread and growing threats to the integrity of their cultural, spiritual, artistic, religious and scientific traditions.
Sales No.: E. 97.XIV.3     ISBN: 9211541263     40 pages     $ 20.00

Provisional Rules of Procedure of the Security Council
This booklet offers the full text of the rules of procedures adopted by the Security Council.
Sales No.: E. 83.I.4     ISBN: 9211000874     14 pages     $ 5.00

Renewal Amid Transition: Annual Report on the Work of the Organization
In this, his first Annual Report on the work of the United Nations, Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan, presents an overview of the Organization's activities of the past year and speaks about his proposals for institutional reform. In this extensive report, the Secretary-General states, among other things, that his reform measures are a necessary step in ensuring that the Organization remains a vital and effective instrument of international collaboration as the world heads into a new millennium.
Sales No.: E. 97.I.23     ISBN: 9211006430     84 pages     $ 7.50

Report of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Sales No.: E. E/OR E/1999/30     60 pages     $ 7.50

Report of the Commission on Human Rights
Sales No.: E. E/OR E/1999/23    504 pages     $ 54.00

Report of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Sales No.: E. E/OR E/1998/28/Rev.1     36 pages     $ 5.00

Report of the Commission on the Status of Women
Sales No.: E. E/OR E/1999/27     88 pages     $ 10.00

Report on the Secretary-General on the Work of the Oranization
Sales No.: E. GA/OR A/54/1     48 pages     $ 6.00

Report on the World Social Situation
This report offers new insights into the nature and magnitude of the pressing social problems and the national and international policies required to address them. It examines the core social issues of poverty alleviation, productive employment and social integration covering concepts and quantitative indicators, as well as policies and strategies.
Sales No.: E. 97.IV.1     ISBN: 9211301823     184 pages     $ 35.00

Resolutions and Decisions Adopted by the General Assembly During its Fifty-second Session, 16 September - 22 December 1997
Sales No.: E. GA/OR A/53/49 Vol.I     400 pages     $ 42.00
Sales No.: E. GA/OR A/53/49 Vol.II     52 pages     $ 7.50
Sales No.: E. GA/OR A/53/49 Vol.III     76 pages     $ 9.00

Resolutions and Decisions Adopted by the General Assembly During its Fifty-second Session, 16 September - 22 December 1997
Sales No.: E. GA/OR A/52/49 Vol.II     52 pages     $ 7.50

Resolutions and Decisions of ECOSOC
Sales No.: E. E/OR E/1996/96     122 pages     $ 13.50

Resolutions and Decisions of the Security Council
Sales No.: E. SC/OR S/INF/53     112 pages     $ 17.00

Rules of Procedure of the Economic and Social Council
Presents the full text of the rules of procedures and amendments adopted by the Economic and Social Council.
Sales No.: E. 92.I.22     ISBN: 9211004896     50 pages     $ 5.00

Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly
Sales No.: E. 85.I.13     ISBN: 9211002702     86 pages     $ 7.00

Secondary School Kit on the United Nations
Aimed at high school students, this kit presents complex global issues clearly and coherently. Themes such as tolerance, development and peace are studied from a theoretical, as well as a practical perspective. Activities encourage students to apply their knowledge and understanding to their own environment. Units on science and technology highlight an often neglected aspect of the United Nations work.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.37     ISBN: 9211005892     83 pages     $ 11.95

State of World Population, The: 6 Billion - A Time for Choices
Women are having fewer children than ever before, and population growth has slowed from 2.0 to 1.3 percent in 30 years; but large families in the recent past mean that there are many more women of childbearing age. Global population is still rising by about 78 million people a year. Half the world is under 25 and there are over a billion young people between 15 and 24, the parents of the next generation. The State of World Population 1999 highlights the critical decisions facing the international community as the world population passed the 6 billion mark in October 1999. How fast the next billion people are added, the effect on natural resources and the environment, and the quality of life will depend on policy and funding decisions taken in the next 5 to 10 years, according to this 1999 report.
Sales No.: E. 99.III.H.1     ISBN: 0897145631     140 pages     $ 12.50

The State of the World's Children
The State of the World's Children 2000 seeks to fan the flame that burned so brilliantly a decade ago when world leaders adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. It summarizes the progress made over the last decade in meeting the goals established at the 1990 World Summit for Children and discusses four daunting obstacles to full human development: HIV/AIDS, armed conflict and violence, poverty and gender discrimination. The State of the World's Children 2000 offers compelling arguments about the power of early care for children, quality education, human rights for women and children and their development. Statistical data for 193 countries are also presented.
Sales No.: E. 00.XX.1     ISBN: 9280635388    124 pages     $ 12.95

UN Briefing Papers: Human Rights
A culture of human rights can be ours but words will not suffice; sustained individual and collective efforts are required. This United Nations Briefing Paper outlines the concrete steps that are being taken by the United Nations at the international and national levels to strengthen its human rights programmes and work more effectively with its partners in government and civil society to assure rights for all. In addition to outlining United Nations work in the field, it provides a blueprint of the work of the various intergovernmental human rights bodies. It also features annexes, including a chronology of UN human rights landmarks since 1945, an outline of key human rights conventions and a bibliography of related publications and other resources available to the general public.
Sales No.: E. 98.I.22     ISBN: 9211007976     80 pages     $ 10.00

UN Briefing Papers: The World Conferences - Developing Priorities for the 21st Century
The 1990s have witnessed a remarkable cycle of world conferences convened by the United Nations to address the major social problems of our time, many of which require urgent and concerted responses on a global scale. This edition of UN Briefing Papers, the first in a new series, provides a broad perspective on the recommendations and actions flowing from the conferences. The conferences discussed include the Children's Summit, Human Rights Conference, Social Summit, Crime Conference, Earth Summit, Fourth Women's Conference, Population Conference and the Conference on Natural Disasters. The efforts now under way at the international and national levels to realize the goals they have set for the international community are clearly and concisely explained.
Sales No.: E. 97.I.5     ISBN: 9211006317     120 pages     $ 12.00

UNDP Poverty Report 1998: Overcoming Human Poverty
The 1998 UNDP Poverty Report, Overcoming Human Poverty, documents the progress made to eradicate poverty since the 1995 World Summit for Social Development. A global survey, conducted by UNDP country offices, found that significant progress has been made, but much remains to be done. Extensive coverage is presented in the areas of: national poverty strategies; empowering the poor; redirecting development strategies; poverty-focused governance; sustaining environmental assets; the gender dimensions; new directions for poverty monitoring; and making aid work for the poor. Numerous statistical tables accompany the Report.
Sales No.: E. 99.III.B.2     ISBN: 9211261058     96 pages     $ 15.00

The United Nations and Apartheid 1948-1994
This landmark publication chronicles the central role played by the United Nations in supporting the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. In an extensive introduction, United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali provides an overview of the Organization's contribution to South Africa's historic transformation. In addition, the publication includes the text of more than 200 key documents. These are supported by indexes, a detailed chronology and a bibliography of United Nations documentation, making this an essential reference work for anyone interested in the long fight against apartheid or in the work of the United Nations in helping to resolve one of the major issues of the century.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.7     ISBN: 9211005469     565 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and Cambodia 1991-1995
This essential reference work chronicles the central role played by the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) in that country's struggle to democracy. In an extensive introduction, UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali offers a comprehensive account of the Organization's contribution in supporting the peace process and organizing the landmark 1993 elections that led to the formation of a new, democratically elected Cambodian Government. This is complemented with texts of more than 100 key United Nations documents.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.9     ISBN: 9211005485     360 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and Crime Prevention: Seeking Security and Justice for All
Crime prevention and criminal justice issues have been a concern of the United Nations for many years. This new publication contains an overview of the work already done by the Organization in this important area, with a short history of international cooperation against crime. Following the main text is an invaluable compendium of criminal justice guidelines and standards.
Sales No.: E. 96.IV.9     ISBN: 9211301777     168 pages     $ 14.95

The United Nations and El Salvador 1990-1995
The United Nations played a central role in the Salvadorian peace process, combining peacemaking, peace-keping and especially post-conflict peace-building. The United Nations and El Salvador, 1990-1995, is a chronicle of one of the most comprehensive operations in the history of the United Nations - the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador (ONUSAL). Now, for the first time, the texts of more than 100 key documents relating to this mission have been brought together in a single volume. Complementing the documents are a detailed chronology and an introduction by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, which offer a complete account of the Organization's multi-faceted work as mediator, human rights monitor, peace-keeper and electoral observer.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.12     ISBN: 9211005523     611 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and Human Rights 1945-1995
Building on the principles of its Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has sought since 1945 to promote, protect and to create a culture of human rights throughout the world. This book provides an encyclopedic account of the work of the United Nations in the field of human rights. It serves to illuminate the organization's campaign for human rights and its multifaceted role - as fact-finder, monitor, adviser, forum of appeal and global conscience.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.21     ISBN: 9211005604     554 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and Mozambique 1992-1995
This essential reference work offers a comprehensive account of one of the most innovative, multifaceted and successful operations ever undertaken by the United Nations - the United Nations Operation in Mozambique (ONUMOZ). A combined effort of peace-keeping, humanitarian aid and electoral assistance, ONUMOZ helped the Mozambican people establish a solid foundation for a peaceful future following a devastating civil conflict. For the first time, the texts of nearly 100 key documents relating to the operation have been gathered in a single volume. Complementing the documents is an extensive introduction by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, which provides an overview of the Organization's contribution to the historic transformation. Also included are indexes and a detailed chronology of events.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.20     ISBN: 9211005590     321 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and Nuclear Non-proliferation
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty represents the cornerstone of efforts by the international community to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons while ensuring that the benefits of nuclear technology are readily available for peaceful purposes. This publication details the Treaty and brings together, for the first time, key documents relating to the nuclear non-proliferation issue. Complementing the documents are a detailed chronology and an introduction by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, which provide an overview of the key role played by the Organization and its Member States in meeting the new and intrinsic challenges of the nuclear age.
Sales No.: E. 95.I.17     ISBN: 9211005574     200 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and Rwanda 1993-1996
The horrific events, particularly the genocide, that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 presented the international community with challenges of unprecedented scale and consequence. The United Nations and Rwanda, 1993-1996 is a comprehensive account of the efforts of the United Nations and its Member States to respond to civil strife, large-scale massacres and military hostilities; to deliver emergency relief to millions of refugees and internally displaced persons; and to help Rwanda regain the path towards peace, reconciliation and development. This volume includes more than 180 key documents relating to the crisis as well as an extensive introduction by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and a detailed chronology of events.
Sales No.: E. 96.I.20     ISBN: 9211005612     750 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and Somalia 1992-1996
The civil war, the consequent famine and the collapse of governmental authority in Somalia led to a United Nations operation in Somalia with no precedent in the history of the Organization. This publication is a comprehensive account of that experience in which the United Nations Operation in Somalia and the Unified Task Force (led by the United States of America) carried out a broad mandate involving peace-keeping and peace-enforcement, as well as the provision of humanitarian aid and the promotion of national reconciliation. This volume includes more than 100 key documents relating to these efforts, an extensive introduction by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and a detailed chronology.
Sales No.: E. 96.I.8     ISBN: 9211005663     516 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and the Advancement of Women 1945-1996
Throughout its first half century, the United Nations has served as a catalyst for the global advancement of women. Working to promote the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination enshrined in the Organization's Charter, the United Nations has been instrumental in promoting recognition of women's fundamental human rights, in codifying those rights in legally binding international agreements and in fostering greater understanding of the central role played by women in peace-building and in economic and social development.
Sales No.: E. 96.I.9     ISBN: 9211006031     852 pages     $ 49.95

The United Nations and the Independence of Eritrea
When Eritreans went to the polls in April 1993, their overwhelming vote in favour of becoming a sovereign State brought a formal end to one of Africa's longest wars. A major success for United Nations electoral assistance operations, the referendum also contributed greatly to stability in the Horn of Africa during a particularly volatile period in the region's history and provided yet another illustration of the intrinsic links between democratization, development and peace. The United Nations and the Independence of Eritrea includes more than 40 key documents relating to the Organization's long involvement with the question of Eritrea, as well as an introduction by former Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and a detailed chronology of events.
Sales No.: E. 96.I.10     ISBN: 9211006058     284 pages     $ 29.95

The United Nations and the Iraq-Kuwait Conflict 1990-1996
The response of the United Nations and its Member States to the August 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, highlighted the extraordinary strengths of the Organization and its capacity to act decisively, when consensus exists, as a force for international peace and security. The United Nations and the Iraq-Kuwait Conflict, 1990-1996 is a comprehensive account of the Organization's multifaceted efforts to reverse Iraq's aggression, to restore the sovereignty of Kuwait, to promote - through innovative mechanisms and a sustained involvement - long-term peace and stability in the region and to deal with a complex humanitarian emergency.
Sales No.: E. 96.I.3     ISBN: 9211005965     852 pages     $ 49.95

United Nations Chronicle
A must-read for every concerned world citizen, the United Nations Chronicle is a quarterly, easy-to-read report on the work of the United Nations and its agencies. Produced by the United Nations Department of Public Information, every issue covers a wide range United Nations related activities: from fighting the drug war to fighting racial discrimination, from relief and development to nuclear disarmament, terrorism, and the world-wide environmental crisis. Written in English and available in French, Spanish and Arabic, the United Nations Chronicle includes a review of current Security Council and General Assembly sessions as well as information on future United Nations Conferences and publications.
Sales No.: E. Annual Subscription Quarterly     $ 20.00
Single Issue Price:     $ 8.00

United Nations Disarmament Yearbook
This annual reviews the main developments and negotiations during the year in all areas of disarmament. It includes the special sessions of the General Assembly, the actions taken and the resulting resolutions. It also presents the actions taken as a result of conventions, meetings of the Disarmament Commission and any Ad Hoc Committee meetings held during the year.
Sales No.: E. 99.IX.1     ISBN: 9211422299     384 pages     $ 55.00

The United Nations in Our Daily Lives
The United Nations deals with the world's major problems. Through the stories told in this book, you will see how much the United Nations is a part of everyone's life and how much we rely on its programmes. The stories illustrate, accurately, the direct and vital connections existing between the world Organization and your activities. The book is organized in such a way that the stories appear under the relevant UN agency. For example the story on: 'Children who work' is placed under the heading UNICEF - The United Nations Children's Fund; 'Trading with the world' is under UNCTAD - The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and 'Equal pay for women and men' is under the ILO - International Labour Organization. It also presents important facts on each of the UN agencies covered.
Sales No.: E. 98.I.11     ISBN: 9211006546     116 pages     $ 5.00

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Booklet)
This booklet is the complete text of the Declaration. It includes all thirty articles as envisaged by the creators who formulated the Declaration forging standards and principles - the inherent right of all mankind.
Sales No.: E. DPI/876 REV.2     15 pages     $ 1.00

World Economic and Social Survey: Trends and Policies in the World Economy
The 1999 World Economic and Social Survey argues that the brunt of the world economic slow-down had been borne by the developing and transition economies. The report assesses the current global economic situation, including a forecast of output, international trade and other key economic variables in 1999. It also analyses the financial development in the globalizing world and looks at the evolution of financial systems in developed, developing and transition economies. The World Economic and Social Survey discusses the question of bringing financial services to the poor (in particular credit) and traces the nascent spread of venture capital as a mechanism for fostering innovation in developed, developing and transition economies. Noting that the barriers to international movements of funds have fallen in the face of globalization, reflecting both technology and policy change, the survey discusses the international dimension of financial development and some major reforms that are being adopted. The Survey concludes with an extensive statistical annex of economic, trade and financial indicators.
Sales No.: E. 99.II.C.1     ISBN: 9211091357     270 pages     $ 55.00

World Migration Report
This report, produced by the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration, analyzes major trends in world migration, factors causing migration, global contexts, government responses, and economic and social impacts. It also includes individual regional country profiles and an outlook on future changes, flows and approaches. With a bibliography, statistics and chart.
Sales No.: E. 99.III.S.2     ISBN: 929068089X     260 pages     $ 39.00

World Statistics Pocketbook
Intended for those who want to have a convenient ready source of statistical data, it covers demography and labour force, national accounts, agriculture and industry, trade, finance and tourism, transport and communication, education and health and nutrition. Data is given by regions and for the world as a whole.
Sales No.: E. 99.XVII.4     ISBN: 9211614112     256 pages     $ 10.00

The World's Women 2000: Trends and Statistics
Measuring the progress of women is a new and evolving discipline. The World's Women 2000: Trends and Statistics attempts to meet the challenge of the increasing demand for data on gender equity and the advancement of women. This authoritative and comprehensive reference takes a look at the status of women through the lens of statistical data and analysis. It presents a snapshot of some of the more salient statistical findings since 1995, while also drawing on recent changes and long-term trends. The World's Women 2000 focuses on six areas of concern: population; women and men in families; health; education and communications; work; and politics and human rights, reflecting the priorities and calls for action by the global conferences on women. This new and improved edition gives a more comprehensive presentation than the 1995 edition which was hailed as "well organized" by the library journal Choice, and as conveying " a powerful point" by The Christian Science Monitor.
Sales No.: E. 00.XVII.14     ISBN: 9211614287     200 pages     $ 16.95


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