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Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban
Treaty, New York, 1996
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  The purpose of this Treaty is to attract the adherence of all countries and to contribute effectively to

  • the prevention of the proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • the process of nuclear disarmament
  • the enhancement of international peace and security.

Key Provisions

  Each country that is party to this treaty commits not to carry out any nuclear-weapon-test explosion or any other nuclear explosion. and to stop or prevent any such nuclear explosion at any place under its jurisdiction or control. Each party also commits "to refrain from causing, encouraging, or in any way participating in the carrying out of any nuclear-weapon test explosions or any other nuclear explosion."

  These countries create the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), based in Vienna, to guarantee the implementation of the Treaty's provisions, including verifying compliance, and to provide a forum for consultation and cooperation among the countries. The CTBTO's organs are the Conference of the States parties, the Executive Council and the Technical Secretariat, which includes the International Data Center.

  Other key articles deal with
  • national implementation measures
  • verification (including the International Monitoring System comprising facilities for seismological, radionuclide, hydroacoustic and infrasound monitoring)
  • measures to redress a situation and to guarantee compliance
  • settlement of disputes
  • The treaty has a three-part Protocol that deals with
  • the International Monitoring System and International Data Center functions
  • on-site inspections
  • confidence-building measures
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