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Every Monday for six weeks, a new unit will be uploaded on the web site. The first unit will go up on March 31. Units on the web site include graphics such as maps, pictures and other images. A text version of the units will be e-mailed ahead of time to all registered participants in order to leave them time to prepare. (A brief outline of each unit is included here.)

Each unit will have two sections: a summary and a main text. The summary is written for grades 5-7. It can also serve as an introduction to the main text for higher grades. The main text is written for grades 7-11.

Each unit also comes with a set of objectives and a number of activities.


A separate glossary is included on the web site. The glossary, which includes definitions of everything from pathogens to WHO, can be accessed at any time from anywhere on the site.


A list of significant infectious diseases including descriptions of their symptoms, their reach, possible measures to be taken against them and, in some instances, graphics such as a disease map or a picture of the virus.


The discussion area is open at all times. It is there for participants to discuss topics, raise issues and compare results of activities. Use it frequently and freely.


This is a graphic, interactive quiz on-line. It can be used for fun and learning, in school and at home.

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