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Articles listed here pertain to health and infectious diseases.

The following articles are from the Pan American Health Organization's magazine, Perspectives in Health

* Relearning Lessons of the Greeks As new urban centers spring up accross the landscape, development experts worry about the unhealthy side effects of modernization. * The Economics of the Heart The small Colombian mountain village of Versalles is a sterling example of social involvement. * Tuberculosis: "The Captain of All These Men of Death"

* The Daily Miracle Miracle workers for AIDS/HIV in the US.

The articles below were selected from UNICEF Features Service. If you reproduce them please credit the author and UNICEF Features Service.

* West Africa's traditional healers promote the new magic of immunization

* Cholera and famine signal catastrophe in war-torn Sierra Leone

* Giving AIDS a human face in Uganda

* Massive polio campaign makes headway in Iraq

* Creative AIDS strategies told at conference in Vancouver

* Afghanistan launches biggest-ever vaccine drive

* Haiti sprints towards measles goal after epidemic

* Stalking the wild polio virus in China

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