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There are two basic ways to rid the world of landmines—by destroying existing MINES LAID IN THE GROUND AND stockpiles, and by banning production of new ones. As a result of the hard work of landmine activists, 145 countries are now taking these important steps. These countries have signed the International Mine Ban Treaty and made a promise not to produce any new landmines, and to destroy existing stockpiles of these weapons. Over the past ten years, 61 countries have destroyed 27 million landmines. But despite this progress, there is much work to be done to rid the planet of landmines and prevent new ones from being built. You can help by joining with other students around the world who are pressuring their governments to take action against landmines and give peace a chance. Learn more

>> Stockpile Destruction

Destruction of anti-personnel mines by Open Detonation
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"Yeh Chee" A Cambodian nun participates in the first Landmine Awareness Day. Phnom Penh. Cambodia. 1994.

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