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The Peace Poem
very primary (grades k-6), middle (grades 7-9) and secondary (grades 10-12) school (including homeschools) around the world was invited to submit, via e-mail, two lines of poetry about peace to the United Nations. Once collected, the lines were collated together into one long Peace Poem, and redistributed to all participants as well as posted on the Web.

ubmissions were accepted from 16 September through 24 October 1997 in English, French, and Spanish. Submissions were limited to one per school and school level. Poems came in from 38 countries around the world. All of the participating schools are listed by region in the index.

Preface by Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan

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For easy downloading, the poem has been divided into 10 pages. To view the poem, click on the page number below, or select all to view the entire poem.

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