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The Peace Poem 8

La paz es un suspiro hecho por la tierra con nuestros pensamientos buenos
Es una nube de colores, es aprender a respetar, a ser justo y solidario
Centro Educativo Patzcuaro
México, México

Smiling friends bring happy hearts,
Courageous hearts fill the air with peace, happiness, and love.
Holy Name Central Grade School
Escanaba, MI, US

Peace is a word in every language, in the hearts, hopes, and minds of all.
Peace is something we all aspire to, whether big or small.
West Middle School
Ypsilanti, MI, US

If we had peace there would be no war
war and destruction would be no more
Schlesinger homeschool, primary level
Providence, RI, US

If there was peace could we really fly?
up above the clouds and all else?
Schlesinger’s homeschool, middle school level
Providence, RI, US

A Peaceful word spoken
reaches out in sound and silence.
Wilson Middle School
Albuquerque, NM, US

If somebody is black? If somebody is white?
It’s just a matter of color, all right?

Through the years we heard their cries
But without peace someone else always dies
Middle School
Las Vegas, NV, US

Dentro de mi corazón hay paz y armonia
Y deseo a todos que entren en sintonía
I.E.H.B. Renascença, primary school

¡La paz es linda, es deslumbrante, es exuberante!
La paz es llena de esperanza, nunca abandone la paz
Brasileira Renascença
São Paulo, Brazil

The world was made for you and me
We wish that peace always will be
Fredrika Bremerskolan
Uppsala, Sweden

Viens petite colombe, et va dans les mains de tous les enfants du monde,
Pour qu’ils puissent sentir en toi la Paix de l’humanité
Ecole primaire Mont-Bleu
Hull, Québec, Canada

Peace is Quiet
Peace is nice and you can do what you want to do.
Nixon School
Landing, NJ, US

Roses are red, violets are blue
Diana created peace why can’t you?
Oakdale Agricultural School, middle school level
Riversdale, South Africa

La paix est une chose fragile.
Tu dois la traiter avec soin.
Suffern High School
Suffern, NY, US

Peace is something deep within us,
Waiting to come out and make a better world
for all of us.
Weber Elementary School
Iowa City, IA, US

Peace on earth is like groovy tie-dyed shirts or tranquil baby birds
on a bright spring morning.
Cleveland Middle School
Cleveland, OK, US

Peace is where we get along
Peace is where we sing a song
Northgate School
Seattle, WA, US

Peace means when people are dead they’re in heaven.
I am only seven.
P.S. 92
Corona, NY, US

Upset and want to fight and shout?
Don’t ! Talk it out !!
Wiscasset Primary School
Wiscasset, ME, US

Few people like evil, few people like war
if there were more peace, more good would soar.
Haddonfield Friends School
Haddonfield, NJ, US

We don’t need strife between the nations
Be at peace, have good relations
Hudson Falls Middle School
Hudson Falls, NY, US

Peace comes when you share something special
Sitting together, sharing a favorite meal, like a family.
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Teaneck, NJ, US

As she soars through the hate, all wrong
leaves her wing
It’s amazing how much peace a small dove
can bring.
International School of Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nuestras almas de niños juntamos
para pedir paz a todos los humanos.
Escuela Primaria "Abraham Castellanos"
Vicente Guerrero Xalapa, México

A common desire for harmony and unity, brotherhood, freedom, respect.
No Wars.
Forest Elementary School
Ridgewood, NY, US

Peace, the undying word of the soul.
Peace, a word that brings togetherness in a world
full of chaos.
I.S. 126
Long Island City, NY, US

La paz debe estar siempre con nosotros, en las malas y las buenas
En paz somos iguales
Kermit McKenzie Jr. High School
Guadalupe, CA, US

It all begins with one spark to brighten another’s heart.
Together we can light the world with love, peace and harmony.
Spurgeon Intermediate School
Santa Ana, CA, US

Peace finds folks showing love, caring and sharing.
Peace is when people are safe.
Clinton Kelly Elementary School
Portland, OR, US

Stop the grief, stop the hate,
Live in peace, before it’s too late.
Lincoln Elementary School
Hammond, IN, US

Caring about helping each other out
makes love and joy flood out.
Jonas Salk Elementary
Bolingbrook, IL, US

God loves everyone and we should too
Then all of our friends will be true blue
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, primary school
Baltimore, MD, US

Peace is what we wish for day and night
For some unknown reason we all fight
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, middle school
Baltimore, MD, US

When we exist with each other as one soul
The harmony we share makes us whole
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, secondary school
Baltimore, MD, US

Peace is a calm, quiet, happy feeling
an attitude of never hurry and never worry.
Ashley Park School
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Value the spirit of all human beings,
Grow respect and you will grow peace.
P.S. 70
Long Island City, NY, US

Is there a day to all children?
Yes, it’s the FN day. It helps us.
Lansjärvs skola
Lansjärva, Sweden

Hand in hand, heart by heart.
Together we can do our part.
Fairview Middle School
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lo esencial para vivir en paz es no discriminar a los demás,
porque así es como se producen las guerras y se altera
la Paz Mundial.
Colegio San Jorge Norte
Buenos Aires, Argentina

If all the world would join hand in hand,
Peace and love would spread across the land.
Meadow Oaks Junior High School
Calabasas, CA, US

Peace is a word we need to use a lot
But the sad thing is... we are NOT!!
City School
Grand Blanc, MI, US

The Earth is a garden filled with flowers.
Why let it be destroyed by weeds?
Lakeside Middle School
Pompton Lakes, NJ, US

Peace is the world
And the world is you
Elmdale Elementary
Springdale, AR, US

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