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The Peace Poem 7

Peace is no war, no destruction,
Peace is a world with freedom, harmony and love.
International School of Penang, primary school
Penang, Malaysia

Peace is like the morning dew settling on the leaves
A sparkling light from up above, a tender voice of Mother breeze.
North Queens Rural High School, primary
Nova Scotia, Canada

Peace is quiet. Peace is still. Peace can be broken—
but my peace remains still, my peace remains quiet.
North Queens Rural High School, middle school
Nova Scotia, Canada

After the night of our conflicts and prejudices are over
The day will dawn when we will truly know peace.
North Queens Rural High School, secondary school
Nova Scotia, Canada

Peace is like a flower, it seems every hour
The petals are falling apart, so let’s make a new start!
MillerSouth School
Akron, OH, US

Let all the people live with peace and harmony
in a state of tranquility, freedom, and determination.
St. Matthew’s Parish School
Pacific Palisades, CA, US

Lose the guns; don’t fight because the light won’t be bright.
Ai que ser amigos i no enemigos.
Backman Elementary
Salt Lake City, UT, US

Sing a song of peace tonight.
And pray to end the bitter fight.
Boys & Girls Club, primary level
Decatur, GA, US

If peace were a virus,
I wish everyone would be infected.
Boys & Girls Club, middle school level
Decatur, GA, US

People of the world unite.
Sit down and talk before you fight
Boys & Girls Club, secondary school level
Decatur, GA, US

Think a little and search your mind,
desire of love, peace, you’ll find.
Liperin ya koulutie
Liperi, Finland

Peace is our rivers flowing
Peace is the sunlight glowing
Community School, primary
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Peace is love in its deepest form,
A feeling of safety and serenity.
Valley View Elementary School
Bountiful, UT, US

You live a beautiful life, and you’re really happy about it.
And then your kids have a happy life.
Franklin School
Succasunna, NJ, US

War is very bad, peace is a hit, think about it just a little
Don’t fight, no matter if you’re black or white
Mankkaan koulu
Espoo, Finland

If we close our eyes, and our hearts then friendship and love
will decrease.
Instead unite and hold hands to go forward with world peace.
Lincoln Roosevelt School
Succasunna, NJ, US

Peace flowing like a river, watering the whole earth
La paix dans nos coeurs, créé la paix sur la terre
Horace Greeley Intermediate School
Long Island City, NY, US

World peace is what the earth could use
We have to decide, we have to choose.
Cory Middle Advanced Technology Center
Gadsden, AL, US

Jesus is the Peacemaker between God and the spirit of man.
Where God rules, peace rules. On earth we must do what we can.
Parkland Lutheran School
Tacoma, WA, US

People’s arguments about racism, freedom and rights
Need agreements on peace to solve the world’s fights.
Carrum Primary School
Carrum, Victoria, Australia

La paz mundial es el sueño que todos queremos realizar,
es la esperanza que todos guardamos cuando se aprende a amar.
Colegio Nuestra Sra. de la Merced, middle school
San Juan, Puerto Rico, US

Peace is great for some people.
Peace is love for a lot of people.
Felton Elementary School
Lennox, CA, US

If you are black or white does not matter.
Let the world move in major not in minor.
Forserum, Sweden

I wonder if we will ever stop wars and accept each other as
human beings.
Peace is for everyone, no matter what race, religion, or culture.
Allen Elementary School
Ann Arbor, MI, US

All kids want peace.
Respect one another and continue having a good life.
Dalaskolan LM
Bromölla, Sweden

Peace is the way the world should be
All living things in harmony
Davisville Middle School
North Kingstown, RI, US

Be kind to each other, don’t fight.
Peace on earth is always right.
Uppsala, Sweden

Peace is what everybody needs. Let’s live without war
and enjoy what we have. Make peace, not war, with love.
Klaukkalan yläaste
Klaukkala, Finland

No one should fight, all should be friends
So that everyone can have their mother and father
Åkerskolan åk
Överkalix, Finland

World peace unites us together
Forever and ever.
Ben Milam Elementary
McAllen, TX, US

Peace is love and happiness. Peace is joy and intelligence.
These two words bring out your elegance.
Takoma Park Middle School
Rockville, MD, US

Love, peace, happiness, and harmony.
All the things that this world needs to survive.
Lakeside Middle School
Pompton Lakes, NJ, US

War is like a nightingale trapped in its cage fighting to get out.
Open the cage and let peace fly throughout the world.
Joseph Pulitzer Intermediate School
Jackson Heights, NY, US

Peace is sometimes so tangible that you feel you could wrap
yourself up in it.
Peace can be found in one’s family, one’s friends, one’s community.
Moss Landing Middle School
Watsonville, CA, US

Paz es amar y respetar
Y ella rodea y me abraza.
John Spry Community School

Los niños queremos la paz de los pueblos,
la paz es mi anhelo, ¡QUE VIVA LA PAZ!
Lic. Alfredo Bonfil
México, México

Ver a un niño sonriendo en esta tierra
y sentir el amor entre hermanos es la paz.
Ignacio Zaragoza, nivel primaria
México, México

Procuremos la paz entre las naciones
y juntos trabajemos para vivir mejor
Escuela "Juan José Martinez"
México, México

Si en todo el mundo no hubiera guerras y
todos nos respetáramos, nuestro mundo
sería mejor viviríamos en armonía y paz.
Escuela "Afganistán"
México, México

La paz es una sonrisa, la paz es la mirada de Dios.
Escuela Vespertina Simón Bolívar
México, México

Aceptando nuestra realidad podremos vivir en paz.
Colegio Simón Bolívar
México, México

La paz es una cálida y armoniosa melodía en
cuyas notas
vibra lo mejor de nosotros mismos y de los demás.
Escuela Secundaria
Yucatán, México

La paz es una esperanza que viene de los niños
es amor, unión, venida del corazón.
Colegio Kerigma
Fortaleza, Brazil

Peace grows like a tree,
and can spread like a forest from you to me.
Lakeview Elementary
Trophy Club, TX, US

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