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The Peace Poem 5

Peace is an eternal dove,
Just like ever-lasting love.
Holy Name Central Grade School
Escanaba, MI, US

Peace lives on through the clear shallow water,
and in the soft blowing air.
Laura Speed Elliott Middle School
Boonville, MI, US

Peace is love, not war. No fights, no blood, just love.
Peace is friendship, and caring and helping each other.
P.S. 78
Long Island City, NY, US

It is like a spring afternoon, still day but getting late.
Peace is so great, it makes me wonder how it will ever be made.
Southwest Elementary
San Antonio, TX, US

The day of peace has already passed,
maybe someday we can make it last.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, middle school
New Bedford, MA, US

Peace is as good as a grain of oats,
war is as bad as the nose of a wolf.
Myllyojan ala-aste
Oulu, Finland

Be kind, gentle, and peaceful
Caring for all the world’s people.
Spring Branch Elementary School
Houston, TX, US

If there is no peace
there will be no future
Collegio Alla Querce
Firenze, Italy

Peace is a chain reaction beginning with a loving family and
exploding into a colorblind world:
A world where all dreams are potential realities.
Coral Shores High School
Tavernier, FL, US

The world is full of killing and fire.
And the peace is all for what people desire.
Emolahden ala-aste
Pyhäsalmi, Suomi, Finland

Peace is love, love is calm
Calm is quiet, quiet is peace.
Martin Luther King Middle School
Hayward, CA, US

Peace can cover the earth yet fit right into your soul,
...discover the peace within you.
East Lyme Middle School
Niantic, CT, US

For every star in the sky, there is a dove that will fly.
For every dove that doesn’t fly, there is a nation that will die.
Dowdell Middle School
Tampa, FL, US

Peace is like a butterfly, flying on a very thin line,
If it faces winds of war, it will fall and live no more.
Cameron Street Public School
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Peace is quiet and restful,
Happy and joyful.
Morningside Elementary School
Perry, GA, US

Peace of mind, peace of spirit
Peace from the sounds of war.
Stride Avenue Community School
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

We want a world where lots of people are talking together.
We want a world where people are working together.
Banani Primary School
Lusaka, Zambia

We dream of peace around the world,
Why can’t our nations be mixed and twirled?
J.O. Kelly Middle School
Springdale, AR, US

Peace most often comes to me in the middle of the city
It is tailored in between echoes of good conversation and the man who thinks he is a movie star.
Franklin High School
Portland, OR, US

In Osborne, peace sounds like a quiet song
Where we live in harmony all day long
Osborne Elementary School
Osborne, KS, US

Friendship, our personal stepping stone to peace,
hard to find, easily lost, never forgotten.
HBLA f.wirschaftliche Berufe
Spittal, Austria

War runs rapid over the world like a river and the people who believe
in peace are the dam. It will not hold without your help.
Tadmore Elementary School
Gainesville, GA, US

A world of nations in a circle of peace.
In a peace circle, where we are all equal and united.
Walter H. Crowley Intermediate School
Elmhurst, NY, US

Lying on your bed, thinking about being at the beach.
It is yellow and sunny. Peace!
Kennedy School
Succasunna, NJ, US

Hands for love, eyes for help,
heart for care and evil will melt.
Northlands School
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Peace is the boss of himself.
Peace would sing to babies.
Montessori School of Huntsville, Elementary
Huntsville, AL, US

Peace is cool, peace is rad
Let’s just hope it becomes a worldwide fad.
The Academy for the Intellectually Gifted
Astoria, NY, US

Over every nation, may the gentle winds of peace blow,
Until love in every heart is aglow.
St. Patrick School
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Peace is when we all stop hurting, the world stops burning;
Peace is when we all live as one.
Signal Hill School
Belleville, IL, US

We can’t be at peace with the world
Until we are at peace with ourselves.
Louisville Male High School
Louisville, KY, US

I help other people.
I make peace in the world.
Överkalix, Sweden

Children, dream about and create love
for a nicer and better World!
Basic School, "Medvedgrad"
Zagreb, Croatia

We want peace in the world, the peace in play—
throwing out war’s toys.
School of Esperanto
Zagreb, Croatia

Peace is love
Just like a gentle dove.
Bickerdyke Elementary School
Russell, KS, US

Peace, why can’t I see it happening? Should I give peace when it
Does not come back? Will peace ever be? I may never know.
Saint Edmond’s Academy
Wilmington, DE, US

The white dove is watching us from above,
Waiting for the world to come together in peace and love.
Eric S. Smith Middle School
Ramsey, NJ, US

Peace will naturally make the love spread,
free like an eagle living in harmony.
Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Lancaster, PA, US

Prosperity, expectant, angelic, calm, elegance
Patience, omnipresent, eternal, magnificent.
The Branch School
Houston, TX, US

World peace should be something children are born with
not something they die for.
Putnam County High School,
Granville, IL, US

Peace to us means happiness, no war, no fighting, and no killing.
Peace is really important for us to live together.
Okimawkamo Memorial School
Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

Peace is something we should share,
Peace should be here and there, peace should be everywhere.
Frank G. Lindsey Elementary School
Montrose, NY, US

Peace is real.
Peace is not a deal.
Peachland Elementary School
Newhall, CA, US

The leaders of tomorrow act, the fools of tomorrow only dream,
On a strand of hope we call peace.
Dwight D. Eisenhower School, secondary school
Freehold, NJ, US

We can make this world a better place
If we all forget about race.
Dwight D. Eisenhower School, middle school
Freehold, NJ, US

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