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Messages of Peace from around the world

Julian Fritzenschaft, 14, Germany
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In summer time I like winter time, In study time I like playing time, In school days I like holidays But Oh Dear Peace I like each & every time.

Soumya, 12, India

My ultimate dream for this world is that one day any person from any country, culture, race or religion will be able to walk free throughout any area in the entire world. As a race of humans we need unity and peace in our lives and around that simple base, we will evolve and become better people. when we put down the guns and let the smoke that is caused by hatred clear we will see eachother for what we really are: brothers, sisters... one big multi-cultural family. as a whole, we are an advanced culture that should be able to put aside our differences so that our children can live in a world free of violence, prejudice, poverty and hatred. That is my message.

Lexi, 17, Canada

I think if we tried hard enough we could solve our problems and unite our world. It will take a very long time to change but it is possible!!!

Hilary, 15, USA

Let us not be blinded by our nationalities , our races, our religion , our languages and forget about the dream that we all have. That dream ... is world peace. And maybe one day that dream will become reality, if we believe.

Yan, 16, Singapore

Sometimes we feel that peace is a myth believed in by those who are young a utopia of sorts that upholds all our laws and continues to develop minds so many people as time goes by give up on hope and promises of peace yet the United Nations battles on still fighting for the hope of all mankind. on behalf of my generation, those who are steadily losing hope - Thank You.

Malia, 20, New Zealand

How brilliant it is to look out with peace in your heart with so much love and soul from within. Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God. Peace is unity. Blessed is the peace that dwells within you.

Ibikunle, 20, Nigeria

War is like an animal always hungry never full
Craving lives each time it calls
But no one wins when people fall.

Caroline, 15, Denmark


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