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International Day of Peace 2004

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Zulu participant with visual disability at AllinPeace games in Delphi.
© Photograph Ohad Romano

Peace Messages

Sent to Cyberschoolbus for posting by students around the world.

It takes many years or more of peace to make a nation, it takes only a few seconds of war to destroy a nation.
Edoghogho, 20, Nigeria

Let us not be blinded by our nationalities , our races, our religion , our languages and forget about the dream that we all have. That dream ... is world peace. And maybe one day that dream will become reality, if we believe..
Yan, 17, Singapore

Peace here peace there peace everywere. You have come and gone. No fight no punch no kick. Just talk,talk, and talk. Flowers and love for you. Peace here peace there peace everywere.
Gabriela, 10, Saudi Arabia

My ultimate dream for this world is that one day any person from any country, culture, race or religion will be able to walk free throughout any area in the entire world. As a race of humans we need unity and peace in our lives and around that simple base, we will evolve and become better people. when we put down the guns and let the smoke that is caused by hatred clear we will see eachother for what we really are: brothers, sisters... one big multi-cultural family. as a whole, we are an advanced culture that should be able to put aside our differences so that our children can live in a world free of violence, prejudice, poverty and hatred. That is my message.
Lexi, 17, Canada

Peace is not permanent. We must fight for it, like a soldier fights for the victory.
Sabrina, 14, Germany

Everyone stop!! and look around the world is becoming such a dangerous place to live, lets all take a step back, and realise that the only way forward is to work together, to make the world a better place. not blowing it to pieces by going to war! lets all just talk things through and work out differences through chat& interaction not, violence!! where innocent people get hurt. Lets start improving the way we live today!!!

Students in UNESCO's Associated Schools Project Network wrote these messages of peace.

Peace isn’t a real word, but a behavior to teach our children. Reconcile to avoid blood sheds. Peace: it is life’s key.
Martin, 14, Côte d’Ivoire

I want peace in my country. I want for adults to stop fighting wars. I want soldiers to drop their weapons, and that we move on to disarmament.
Jacqueline, 14, Côte d’Ivoire

Today, we speak a lot about the quality of education in countries with a poor education system for poor children. I think that, given that we are all about to be united for peace, not only adults, but we too, young people, need to make every effort in that sense.
Ayano, 15, Japan


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