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International Day of Peace - Peace Flag Project

14 September 2000

In 1999-2000 we asked students worldwide to send us their vision of what a world flag for peace would look like. We got incredible pictures from students ages 5-18, and a few entries from whole classes! The United Postal Administration made the winning Peace Flag drawing into a real stamp, in honor of the International Day of Peace, and the International Olympics Committee flew the artist to Olymphilex, the Olympic stamp convention in Sydney.

We were amazed and moved by the Peace Flags that were sent in. We wish we could put them all up, but there were so many they would never all fit. We hope you enjoy the ones we selected for this Peace Flag Gallery.

Order the stamp

You can order the real UN stamp from the United Postal Administration.
The winning entry came from Mateja Prunk, age 12, of Slovenia. Second place was Kristyna Zackova, age 12, from the Czech Republic, and third place was awarded to Valentina Del Pin, age 10, of Italy.

Be sure to read the artists' remarks about their drawings, the world, and peace itself. Enjoy!


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