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past events 
You may enjoy looking through these archived events days, for ideas and inspirations toward participating in a UN day with your class.

We've left them exactly as they first appeared on our site.

International Women's Day
8th of March 2001

World Environment Day
5th of June 2000

World Space Week
4th to 10th of October 2000
World Teachers Day
5th of October, 2000
peace International Day of Peace
16th of September 2000

Letters to Mrs. Annan
31st of December 1999


Atlas of Student Action for the Planet
June, 1998

50 Years of Peacekeeping
15th of Sep. - 24th of Oct. 1998


International Day of Peace
15th of September, 1997

World Environment Day
5th of June 1997

Telecommunications Day
17th of May 1997

International Women's Day
8th of March 1997
other events 
We have also celebrated these events at the Cyberschoolbus
  International Stamp Contest
9th of October 2000

7 December 1999

UN Day Instant Q&A
22 Octorber 1999

Human Rights Day

10th of December 1998

50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration
23rd of October 1998

United Nations Day
Live Cu-SeeMe Conference with Peacekeepers
23rd of October 1998

Week for Disarmament and Development
24-30th of October 1997

United Nations Day
24th of October 1997

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
17th of October 1997

Chat with the Danish Ambassador to the United Nations.
28th of May 1997

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