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Cyberschoolbus Resources

  • Model UN Discussion Area — a global service for all MUN'ers. A place where you can exchange ideas, discuss topics and ask for and receive information.
  • InfoNation — Compare data for all Member States.
  • Country at a Glance — See the flags of all UN member states, along with their vital stats, and contact information for their Missions to the UN.
  • A Guide to the UN — an on-line introduction to the UN for students and a virtual tour of the UN and its facilities.
  • The Briefing Papers — Based on "We the Peoples: the role of the United Nations in the 21st century", the Secretary-General's Millennium Report. Each Briefing Paper is a dossier of information about a current world issue and the UN's involvement with it.


The United Nations International Model UN (UNIMUN)

The United Nations Online (UNOL) - cybersimulation

UNA-USA Model UN and Education Programs Directory

UNA Canada Model UN Listserv - This listserv is focused specifically on Canadian Model UN conferences. To subscribe, send an e-mail to modelun@unac.org with the following text in the body of the message: subscribe modelun Your_Name.

The Council on World Affairs of Canada (COWAC) has a special MUN Tools section on its site with extremely specific help about communication, preparation, and procedure for MUNing. Index, templates for position papers, bloc info, and rules of procedure are all covered here. They also publish "Ambassador" an electronic newsletter featuring articles pertinent to MUN'ers. Articles and queries may be submitted to Mike Keenan, Executive Officer, at keenan@vaxxine.com. COWAC pays up to $80 Cdn. for each article, which is posted on the newsletter then archived. Authors maintain all rights. Check out the web site for sample articles.



The UN website -- The starting place for everything related to the United Nations. In Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

UN News Centre is updated several times daily with the latest from the General Assembly, Security Council, Secretary-General, etc. Links to audio and photo resources, too.

Frequently searched aspects of the UN. UN History, the UN in Brief, structure, history, main bodies, internships, jobs, main documents, etc.

The UN's search index. Best to have document numbers handy, if possible. May steer you in interesting directions.

The UN's Site Index for practically everything on the UN Website. Choose from alphabetical listings, What's New, Searching, Official Classification, more.

The Dag Hammarskjold Library, the main library of the UN. Speeches index, voting records, landmark GA documents, reference guides, maps.

The United Nations Documentation Centre. ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTATION SOURCE FOR THE SIX MAIN BODIES OF THE UN. General Assembly, Security Council, The Hague/ICJ, Trusteeship Council, Secretariat, and Economic and Social Council Documents. With help, maps, voting records.

The International Court of Justice- Based at the Hague, Netherlands. The principal judicial organ of the United Nations, which deals with international law, war criminals, etc. Mirror sites.

The Secretary-General's homepage on the UN site. Itineraries, speeches, schedules, actions of the main leader of the United Nations.

The United Nations Treaty Database. Collections, access, overview. Helpful.

The UN Chronicle, a quarterly journal by, for, and about the UN.

Member States of the United Nations. Contact information, mission home pages, email addresses, Permanent Missions to the UN in New York, Geneva, etc.

UN Maps, in PDF format. Searchable by country, region, peacekeeping mission, theme. Also geographic resources/information.

UN Teaching Materials Resources for teachers that want to teach about the UN and related issues. These materials can be ordered through the UN Publications web site.



Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization 1999. Updated every year. Good for GA research, treaties. Eloquent.

The Millennium Report of the Secretary-General is a seminal document of the UN's progress and challenges at the beginning of our new century.

The United Nations Publications, Stamps, and Database Center. Sales and online publications, the UN Bookshop, UN Stamps, and Databases (statistics, treaties, catalogues, directories). Looking for something published by the UN? Find it here.

The Department of Peacekeeping Operations, known in UN parlance as DPKO, has up-to-date information on UN peacekeeping missions, mine action, and more.



The World Bank's homepage. Mostly economic program information.

http://www.worldbank.org/html/extdr/thematic.htm is World Bank's organization of many global issues.

UNICEF's homepage. Convention on the Rights of the Child, children's issues: health, safety, refugees, food security, education. Look for the Child Labor Cartoons.

The World Health Organization's homepage. World health, diseases, vaccinations, what the UN is doing to help those desperately in need of basic health care.

The International Labor Organization helps to ensure free, fair, and dignified working conditions for those sometimes unable to make themselves heard. Also, child labor.

UNESCO is the UN's Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Dedicated to preserving world cultural treasures, promoting cross-cultural exchange, and global scientific sharing. Based in Paris, with a terrific section called WebWorld (click from homepage).

The Food and Agricultural Organization helps least-developed nations grow food and develop crops for future use, and responds to emergencies like droughts and famines.

The UN Environment Programme. Based in Nairobi, UNEP helps the world figure out how to protect land and water from spoilage. Small island issues, forestry, oceans.

The UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention's "Other Related Links"covers activism, conferences and summits, documentation, Human Rights, International Affairs, drugs/crime, and women's issues.

The United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention has many excellent links to helpful MUN resources, too. Bookmark it.


Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization. For tackling tough problems like human trafficking, stolen art, drugs, terrorism, etc. Ancillary, but fascinating.

Embassy Web, a diplomatic e-gathering site. News, forums.

Commission of Global Governance. International governmental think tank.

World Resources Institute is a not-for-profit, environmentally oriented foundation committed to influencing worldwide policy.

The Carter Center, named after former US President Jimmy Carter, is dedicated to human rights and "the alleviation of suffering" it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health."

The Global Policy Forum monitors global policy-making at the United Nations. Reform, NGO's, Member States, UN Finance, ECOSOC, Security Council.

World Fact Book of the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA. An index of geographical, political, economic, and social indicators for every country in the world. Thorough and concise.

UNfoundation.org A not-for-profit organization which donates money to the UN through grant proposals from UN organizations, founded by US billionaire Ted Turner. Very interesting.

UNwire.org Sponsored by the UN Foundation, this dilligently bias-free newswire seeks to inform the world community about the UN's everyday happenings and issues.


United Nations Scholars' Workstation of Yale University

The Northwestern University Library Governments and Maps Collection is a United States UN depository (where UN documents are kept on hand for the public). There is at least one in every state, and they are mostly online.

Yahoo's directory of international Organizations. Lots in French, some UN-related agencies, foundations, etc.


PAIS International The Public Affairs Information Service is is run by the Online Computer Library Center. PAIS is "is the premier global public policy resource database. It was established in 1914 for the purpose of chronicling the world's public affairs, public and social policies, international relations, and world politics."

The Economist is a well-written British monthly magazine about global economics, policies, industries, economic trends, and future economic conditions.

Keesing's Record of World Events Meticulous distillations of world events by the British archival service. Subscriptions are expensive, but libraries often carry it. A 30-day trial is free online.


The Internet Public Library: Online Newspapers - The Internet Public Library: Online Newspapers subsite has nearly every Web-available paper in the world available through this super-helpful index. Links outward.

The International Herald Tribune is "the premier international newspaper for opinion leaders and decision makers around the world".

Le Monde - Diplomacy-oriented, internationally-focused French paper.

London Times The UK's establishment paper.

New York Times Considered one of the best newspapers in the US. Thorough international coverage.

The Washington Post Also highly respected, but from the American capital.

Christian Science Monitor The Christian Science Monitor is a 90-year-old daily newspaper that eschews wire services in favor of bureaus in 13 countries, including Russia, Japan, Germany, France, the UK, South Africa, and Mexico, as well as throughout the US.



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