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Model UN Headquarters



   Basic UN

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Books and Videos about the UN and Model UN

MUN Sourcebook From the United Nations Association of Canada, a how-to manual to set up and participate in a MUN. It will be of use to anyone in the world wanting information about, or planning to organize, a MUN. Best of all, it's downloadable free by section, in Adobe Acrobat reader. Also available en francais

United Nations Affairs
Short description of factbooks, overviews, and guides to the UN and its history published by the UN . Includes General Assembly and Security Council proceedings, resolutions, and indexes. The UN Bookshop now allows you to order your books online with a credit card.

General Reference
Classic UN reference guides such as the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, annual economic, social, and humanitarian reports, the World Statistics Pocketbook, and more. Email the UN Bookshop if you're looking for something specific.

Human Rights
Books and reports about human rights in relation to sustainable development, women, foreign policy, reporting, and more.

American Model UN (AMUN)'s Resource Page
Featuring "The Difference between the UN and Model UN", "United Nations Video Series", conference handbooks, fundraising guides, college syllabi, and other valuable resources and workshops for ordering or free download.

UNA-USA Catalog
Excellent resources on how to prepare for a conference, updates on global issues, policy statements and analysis as well as an informative video on Model U.N. with footage from actual conferences.

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