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  • The latest statistics for 2002
  • Dynamically-generated bar graphs to illustrate the numeric data
  • Maps for every member state
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  Use the map above to move within the list at the right.
  Select 1 country from the list by checking the box next to it.
  When you are ready, click on the “View Info” button.

  You will then be provided with your selected country's:

  flag, latitude & longitude, total area, total population,
  population density, capital city, languages, largest city
  (and its population),currency, UN membership date,
  GDP, GDP per capita, and contact info for your
  countries Mission in New York and Geneva.

    E S P A Ñ O L ~ F R A N Ç A I S

Source: Statistics and indicators are provided by the United Nations Statistics Division from the World Statistics Pocketbook, Statistical Yearbook and Demographic Yearbook 1995, except languages.

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