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Kafi Hussein
26 years old

3 years in Denmark

Depending on the peace process I will decide wether or not to return to Somalia. The way things look right now, I hope to be able to stay in Denmark. I have a wife and a two year old son that Ive never seen. Nora was pregnant when we had to flee the country, and at the moment she is at a refugee camp in Ethiopia. We hope to be reunited here in Denmark. I am hoping to pass the second level at the language school before Christmas and apply at a technical school in January in order to get an apprenticeship with a carpenter. People generally meet me with a positive attitude. If they are unfriendly, which happens from time to time, I immediately withdraw. I think the Danes are extremely busy. I have become busier myself and make an effort to be punctual as well, since, as we say in Somalia: If you have two eyes and come to a country where people only have one eye, you must remove one of your eyes!

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