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Hadi Hussein Alrubai
25 years old

3 months in Denmark

Even though I like Denmark, with its democracy and its peacefulness, I hope to be able to return to Iraq. I finished high school while I was in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia. Once I get to know the Danish language properly I would like to study electro-engineering, and thus be able to help rebuild Iraq, once we get a democracy. In this regard I see the Danish democracy as an ideal. The Danish society has a lot of rules and regulations, and sometimes it seems like you are just a number, that the authorities forget that there is a human being there. The Danes seem very reserved - at times even scared. It is as if they are afraid we will bring the Iraqi war with us. But in reality the reason for our being here is exactly the opposite: we do not want to participate in the war and to us Denmark is a symbol of peace and freedom. We are people just like you, and would like to help and contribute to your society.

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