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Erhan Koko
17 years old
Cossovo Albanian

5 years in Denmark

People in my former home country are quite hostile towards the people who fled under the civil war, so I hope to be able to stay in Denmark. When I finish high school I am applying to technical school. I donít know which department I want to attend yet, but I know for sure that I want an education, which is vital to getting a job later. However my main interest is music, and if I could earn a living as a DJ it would be ideal; a weekend job would be cool for a start, though. Iím happy to be in Denmark because itís so peaceful, but there are also difficulties. I follow the rules, and back down when people suggest something that doesnít follow the rules; one must behave! But even though I behave as a Dane, I think the Danes are unapproachable and sometimes I even feel that they hate us. That can be quite tough ...

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