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Baki Gyler
27 years old

7 years in Denmark

My wife and I met in Turkey, and since Iím married to a Dane I hope to stay in Denmark. Iím an apprentice at Kavil Cars in Odense as a body work smith. I used to work with elders here in Denmark, and was very puzzled over the fact that the Danes have so little contact with the elder members of their family. Family is very important to me and I would like to maintain the Turkish way of dealing with it. We tend to care more for the sick and the elderly. When I go out, I sometimes experience nasty, racist remarks from people when they become drunk. I really like Denmark, and it saddens me when I, as a Turk, am judged based on the bad behaviour of a few individuals from my home country. We are not all alike and one can find stupid people in all cultures.

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