International and Multicultural Books

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Diversity and Multiculturalism

A Celebration of Customs & Rituals

Futures of Cultures

Our Creative Diversity: Report of the World Commission on Culture and Development


Travel and Study

Study Abroad 1996-1997

World Guide to Higher Education

DO's and TABOOs Around the World

Gestures: The DO's and TABOOs of Body Language Around the World

DO's and TABOOs of Hosting International Visitors

Do's and TABOOs of Preparing for Your Trip Abroad
International Cookbooks

Family Favourites Cookbook

All Around the World Cookbook

The Little Cookbook Series

A Little Irish Cookbook

A Little German Cookbook

A Little Japanese Cookbook

A Little Polish Cookbook

A Little Caribbean Cookbook

A Little American Cookbook

A Little Spanish Cookbook

A Little Italian Cookbook

A Little Indian Cookbook

A Little Book of English Teas

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