The Engender Collection: Crafting livelihoods, Sustaining communities

These uniquely designed crafts are made by disadvantaged families in the Asian and Pacific region. ENGENDER works closely with UNIFEM (the United Nations Development Fund for Women) to advance women's economic empowerment.


All stationery products are intricately handcrafted from recycled paper and batik fabric waste.

These items were handcrafted by the women in need in Indonesia

Batik-on-gold paper with envelopes - 5 sets   $ 14.00
Handmade wallet of cards with gold ribbon - 7 sets   $ 20.00
Handmade wallet of cards with batik ribbon 6 sets    $ 18.00

These items were assembled by the urban poor of Singapore as part of an income generation project initiated by ENGENDER.

Batik Letter folio set   $ 15.00
Contains 12 sheets with 6 envelopes. Each sheet like the folio is decorated with fragments of batik fabric.

Floral symbol cards - 5 blank cards with envelopes   $ 15.00
The floral symbols are of mixed Chinese-Malay origins

Silk Scarves

Handcrafted in Northern Thailand where income generation provides an alternative to destitute families who otherwise have resort to drastic measures just to survive.
Raw Silk Scarves
    Small   $ 30.00
    Medium   $ 35.00


Made by families in the fishing villages in the Riau islands, forest-dwellers in Kalimantan and families in densely populated Java.

Tinkapoli birdi, dogi, tinki, kiti:    $ 23.00 each

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