Electoral Fact Sheet

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Who is responsible for organizing the elections?

What is the role of the UN?

What is the election date?

How will voters be registered?

What is the out come of the Registration Process?

What has been the extent of UN electoral support?

Strategic Planning and Advice

Operation Planning

Electoral Regulations and Procedures


Capacity Development

Public Information

Information Technology Support

Operational Support

Coordination of International Technical Assistance

What is to be elected?

Iraqi National Assembly

Governorate Councils

Kurdistan National Assembly

Why is it important that the election is inclusive?

How is the election different from the National Conference?

Why did the UN become involved in the electoral preparations?

How was the current system chosen?

What is Iraq 's Proportional Representation (PR) System?

What were the alternative systems?

A second alternative considered proportional representation at the Governorate level. However, the lack of credible population figures made the allocation of seats operationally difficult ( a delay in the process ) and controversial . More importantly, the extremely contentious issue of displaced populations within the various governorates, particularly in the north, would make any electoral exercise particularly hazardous .

What are the advantages of the PR System?


Simple and transparent:

No census data required:

Best for women and minorities:

Encourages alliances and moderate positions:

Permits local representation:

Least vulnerable to security problems:

Most accommodating to out-of-country voting:

Who can modify the current electoral system?

Who can compete in the elections?

How are candidates presented?

Are coalitions/alliances permitted?

How many votes are needed to win a seat?

What actors will the electoral system favour?

How does security affect the process?

How does security affect UN electoral support?

Will Iraqis outside of Iraq be able to participate in the election?

Who will be conducting the out of country voting operation?  

How much will the Out of Country voting exercise cost?  

How many political entities have been certified?

When is the electoral campaign period?

Electoral Observation