23 October 2013

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At Launch, Secretary-General Calls Energy Efficiency Hub Shining Example

of Global Effort to Reduce Humankindís Emissions Footprint


Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonís remarks, as prepared for delivery, at the launch of the Energy Efficiency Hub, in Copenhagen on 23 October:

The Government of Denmark has once again shown its leadership in establishing this Sustainable Energy for All Energy Efficiency Hub here at the UN City in Copenhagen.† I extend my sincere thanks for this initiative.

With its dynamic private sector, cutting-edge public policy and vibrant universities, Denmark is a global leader in the production and use of clean energy technology.

It is fitting that this new entity should be housed in the most energy efficient UN building in the world.† This building is ó quite literally ó a shining example of what we are trying to achieve.

But, what excites me more is what these offices will produce ó and the change it potentially can spur around the world.† Access by all to clean, efficient energy will be critical in promoting sustainable development while, at the same time, reducing humankindís emissions footprint.

Our Sustainable Energy for All initiative, ably led by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, aims to help jump-start this transition.† Combining the efforts of Governments, development banks, the private sector and civil society, it aims for dramatic increases in energy access, energy efficiency and the use of renewables by 2030.

The initiative is maturing rapidly.† In Africa and the Middle East, hubs are forming to advance energy access and renewables.† I expect this hub, supported by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), to stand at the centre of our efforts to double the global rate of energy efficiency over the next 17 years.

We aim to achieve this by facilitating new public-private partnerships, increased investment and enhanced market development.† The benefits of investing in energy efficiency have been extensively documented.

The world needs more energy.† The cleanest and least expensive source is to use the energy we produce more efficiently.† Promoting energy efficiency will realize massive new investment opportunities in developing and developed countries.† It can support economic growth, generate new jobs and increase global resource productivity.

Energy efficiency is a win-win for people and the planet.† We have a historic opportunity to transform our societies ó to promote economic dynamism, social progress and environmental sustainability.

These are the three interdependent dimensions of sustainable development.† How we produce, distribute and use energy will determine in large part whether we succeed.† First, because we cannot address extreme poverty without ending energy poverty.† Second, because we cannot mitigate climate change without transforming the global energy economy.

In September, next year, I will host a climate summit ó bringing together global leaders from Government, business, finance and civil society.† The aim is to add momentum to the UN climate change negotiations and generate commitments to action from all sectors.

By showing the potential of energy efficiency, this hub can play a key role.† I count on you to support its aims and work.† Engage actively.† Offer your partnership.† Lend your commitment.† Invest your resources.† And pledge your action in support of what is born today.† Together, we can create a cleaner, safer, more prosperous world for all.† Thank you.

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