31 January 2012
Security Council

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Security Council Press Statement on Impact of Libyan Crisis to Sahel Region


The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Security Council President Baso Sangqu (South Africa):

The members of the Security Council were briefed on 26 January 2012 by Under-Secretary-General Lynn Pascoe on the report of the assessment mission on the impact of the Libyan crisis to the Sahel region deployed by the Secretary-General.  They welcomed the collaborative efforts of the United Nations and the African Union in this regard, as well as the close consultations conducted by the mission with the States concerned to identify their needs.

The members of the Security Council expressed their concern about the impact of the Libyan crisis in the Sahel region and noted that many of the challenges facing the Sahel region have been in existence for years.  In this context, the members of the Security Council expressed their concern about the security and humanitarian situation in the Sahel region, where arms proliferation and large-scale influx of returnees from Libya exacerbated long-standing and serious problems including terrorist activities by Al-Qaida in Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram, transnational organized crime including illicit drug trafficking, recurrent food crises and lack of development in vulnerable remote areas.

The members of the Security Council expressed their strong support to the affected Sahel and neighbouring countries in their efforts to address those challenges and further commended the initiative of those Member States and contributions of other Member States, regional and international organizations which provide support to the Sahel region.

The members of the Security Council underlined the urgent need for a coordinated and inclusive approach by all main stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive solution to the problems of the region, including through cooperation, with Sahel and Maghreb States, between the United Nations system, African Union, European Union, Economic Community of West African States, International Organization for Migration and other bilateral and multilateral stakeholders, to address these issues.

The members of the Security Council called for a United Nations integrated approach in the Sahel region, encompassing security, development and humanitarian issues, and expressed their interest in a follow-up by the Secretary-General of efforts made in this regard.

The members of the Security Council, in this context, expressed their willingness to continue to follow the situation in the Sahel region.

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