14 July 2011

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On South Sudan’s Admission to United Nations, Secretary-General


Says ‘You Now Sit with Us; We Stand with You’


Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks at the General Assembly meeting on the admission of South Sudan, today, 14 July, in New York:

At this moment, in this place, the world gathers to say in one voice:  Welcome, South Sudan.  Welcome to the community of nations.

Just days ago, I was honoured to attend the independence ceremony in Juba.  I felt the energy, the potential and the pure joy of the world’s newest nation.

To my eyes, the rising flag symbolized the rising hopes of the people of South Sudan — all those who endured the long civil war; all those who lost so many loved ones; all those who left their homes and fled their communities; all those who held fast to hope.  Now they have reached an important milestone.  But the journey continues.

Yes, the task ahead is great.  But so, too, is the country’s potential.  With its abundant natural resources, arable land, the waters of the Nile, and, of course, proud and hard-working people. 

We pledge to help South Sudan shape its future, as we help the region consolidate the gains.  Together, we salute the leaders of both North and South Sudan.  They showed courage and commitment in bringing about a successful referendum that expressed the democratic will of the people.

Matters of borders, sharing of resources and migration should be dealt with as soon as possible.  It is imperative that you resolve outstanding differences with the same pragmatism and leadership that you have each shown so far.  The well-being and future prosperity of each depends on the other.  South and North share a common destiny — they must see a future as true partners, not rivals.

The United Nations, the African Union, international non-governmental organizations and individual Member States have been strong and close allies in helping North and South work towards peace, development and to human rights.

Our continuing commitment will be essential as we go forward.  Together, let us stay true to the cause of peace, justice and opportunity for all.  Together, let us say to the citizens of our newest Member State:  You now sit with us.  We stand with you.

Thank you very much.

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