6 June 2011
Security Council

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Security Councilís 1518 Committee Approves Deletion


of Two Entries From Its List of Individuals


On 2 June 2011, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1518 (2003) approved the deletion (de-listing) of the two entries specified below from the list of individuals established pursuant to Security Council resolution 1483 (2003). †The sanctions measures set out in paragraph 23 of Security Council resolution 1483 (2003) therefore no longer apply to the following individuals:

(72) NAME:    Hikmat Jarjes Bahnam

             †††††††††† حكمت جرجس بهنام

ALIAS:             Hikmat Gargees

PASSPORT:      No. 035667 (Iraqi)

ADDRESS:       Baghdad, Iraq

1483 BASIS:        Government Official [see also entity no. 197 under the list of entities]

(73) NAME:     Tarik Nasser S. Al Obaidi

                   †††† طارق ناصر ص . العبيدي

ALIAS:             Tarik al'Ubaydi

                    ††† ††Tariq al'Ubaydi

DPOB:               1945, Baghdad, Iraq

PASSPORT:      No. 212331 (Iraqi)

ADDRESS:      † Baghdad, Iraq

1483 BASIS:      [See entity no. 197 under the list of entities]

The updated list of entities is accessible at the Committeeís website: †http://www.un.org/Docs/sc/committees/1518/1518SanctionsCommEng.htm.

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