31 March 2010
Security Council

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Security Council Press Statement on Iraq Elections


The following Security Council press statement on the Iraq elections was read out today by Council President Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet (Gabon):

The members of the Security Council welcome the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq’s (IHEC) 26 March announcement of the provisional results of the Iraqi parliamentary election and look forward to the certification by the Supreme Court. 

The members of the Security Council congratulate the Iraqi people and Government, including the Iraqi security forces, and IHEC for holding this successful election.  The members of the Security Council express their support for IHEC’s work, particularly its established mechanisms to ensure all political entities can register complaints and appeals in accordance with IHEC procedures and Iraqi law.  They also commend the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the role played by the Secretary-General's Special Representative for Iraq, Ad Melkert, in providing technical assistance and support throughout the electoral process.

The members of the Security Council recognize the assistance provided by Iraqi domestic observers and civil society organizations and by the international community, including the European Union, Arab League, Organization of the Islamic Conference, as well as the support of United Nations Member States in providing electoral assistance and observation missions.  The members of the Security Council take note of the findings of these international and independent Iraqi observers, who affirmed their confidence in the overall integrity of the election.

The members of the Security Council call for the political entities to respect the certified election results and the choices of the Iraqi people.  The members of the Security Council also urge Iraq’s political leaders to avoid inflammatory rhetoric and actions.  The members of the Security Council look forward to the formation of the new Government in a spirit of cooperation and respect for national unity.

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