29 March 2010
Press Release
Note No. 6253

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Note to Correspondents

United Nations Launches Twitter Campaign with Anne Frank Center USA

The United Nations Department of Public Information and the Anne Frank Center USA are launching a Twitter campaign in memory of Anne Frank, the young German-Jewish girl who perished in the Holocaust 65 years ago, with the aim of encouraging young people to learn from her experience hiding from the Nazis in the final months of her life.

As a teenager, Anne Frank tried to understand why the Jewish people were being persecuted, and struggled to make sense of the Second World War.  Her diary, which is known to young people around the world, contains her personal thoughts about the people she loved, her fear of death and her hopes and dreams in life.

Students are asked to imagine that Anne Frank had a way to receive electronic messages without being discovered.  They are invited then to “tweet” messages of support to her and share their thoughts about what they have learned from her life.  Students of all ages around the world can participate by posting their messages on the Twitter site of the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme:  http://twitter.com/UNandHolocaust.

Tweets can be sent in all United Nations official languages.  The messages will be posted online and exhibited at the Anne Frank Center USA in New York City.  This event also marks Yom Ha Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day on the Jewish calendar, which will be observed on 11 April.

Founded in 1977, the Anne Frank Center USA, a partner organization of the Anne Frank House, uses the diary and spirit of Anne Frank as unique tools to advance her legacy and educate young people and communities about the consequences of intolerance, racism and discrimination, while inspiring the next generation to build a world based on mutual respect.  The Center fulfills its mission through the North American Traveling Exhibition Program, the Exhibition and Education Center in New York City, the Annual Spirit of Anne Frank Awards, and through the development of educational materials and programmes for teachers and students.  For more information on Anne Frank, please visit www.annefrank.com.

The Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme, Outreach Division, Department of Public Information, organizes activities and develops information materials in partnership with civil society to raise awareness of the Holocaust and its underlying causes, in order to help prevent genocide.  Established by General Assembly resolution 60/7 in 2006, the programme encourages young people to respect diversity and learn from the lessons of the Holocaust.  For more information on its activities and educational materials, please visit. www.un.org/holocaustremembrance.

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