9 November 2009

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Secretary-Generalís Video Message for Biodiversity Year Urges All Countries,

Citizens on Planet to Join Global Alliance to Protect Life on Earth


Following is the text of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonís video message for the International Year of Biodiversity, 2010, initial celebrations for which begin, today, 9 November 2009:

Our lives depend on biological diversity.

Species and ecosystems are disappearing at an unsustainable rate.

We humans are the cause.

We stand to lose a wide variety of environmental goods and services that we take for granted.

The consequences for economies and people will be profound.

Especially for the worldís poorest people.

Especially for the Millennium Development Goals.

In 2002, world leaders agreed to substantially reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010.

We know already that the Biodiversity Target will not be met.†

We need new vision.† And new efforts.

Business as usual is not an option.

For this International Year of Biodiversity, I call on every country and each citizen of our planet to join together in a global alliance to protect life on Earth.

Biodiversity is life.† Biodiversity is our life.

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